The Stack Digital Magazine – Vol 1, Issue 1

If you’ve been delaying making your payment platform a driver of resilience, now’s the time to take action. Welcome to The Stack, a magazine series designed to help you navigate the future of payments.

Plan for a Successful Year

With the right payment platform, your business can boost conversion rates and lifetime customer value, reduce complexity for your teams and customers, and use data to successfully capture the full potential of commerce.

PayPal can be your preferred payments provider, and can assist you in the timely achievement of these goals. Our new digital magazine, The Stack, aims to give you timely, relevant, and actionable information to help you plan for the coming year.

Executives making plans for 2023 are preparing today for a challenging economic climate tomorrow. But The Stack isn’t about the bad news – it's about designing a payment platform that can help your business grow revenue, mitigate risk, and scale no matter what the economic forecast looks like. We know that acquiring, converting, and retaining customers is challenging even in boom years. Modern business is complex and always evolving.

Among the features in our first issue is a statistical portrait of Gen Z, a checklist to make sure your business is aligned with what customers want, and New Year resolutions to ensure your payment strategy is poised for success.

Podcasts to Help Plan Your Business Strategy

Looking for new podcasts to help when planning your business strategy? We’ve got you covered. If they aren’t already on your playlist, add these podcasts to your queue for finding ideas, inspiration, and motivation as you plan for 2023 and beyond:

  • The Pymnts Podcast - One of the main resources in the payments industry.
  • The McKinsey Podcast - McKinsey’s experts have a unique perspective on business, and so do the guests on their flagship podcast.
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire - Even if you work for a large enterprise, you can learn a lot from what small businesses are doing to get off the ground.

Strengthen Your Payment Strategy

Protect your business tomorrow by making sure you have the right tools and strategies in place today. You can’t control what happens in the economy, but you can control how your business adapts and evolves to withstand whatever this year has in store.

IDC recently surveyed customers in the U.S. to learn what they consider to be essential features of online shopping1. Let their answers prompt your planning questions:

  • Is your product catalog accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand?
  • Do you offer fast shipping with free returns?
  • Are your payments secure, and do you safeguard customer data?
  • Do you provide easy-to-navigate omnichannel shopping and quality customer experiences?
  • Are you able to offer rewards and promotions that build loyalty?

New Year Resolutions for Your Business

We’ve all learned a lot about making our payment platforms more resilient. You can’t predict the future, but you can resolve to consistently make your business stronger with effective New Year business planning:

Reduce Complexity

Offer fast, seamless, mobile-first commerce experiences.

Increase Transparency

Ensure end-to-end visibility of payouts, and reporting that validates and confirms payments in real time.

Reduce Risk

Take payment security to the next level with automated, data-driven tools.

Increase Innovation

Leverage AI to analyze and predict customer behavior.

Increase Customization

Tailor your integrations at the most impactful level for your business with developer-friendly SDKs and APIs.

Read The Stack Vol 1, Issue 1

Looking for help with your business strategy plan? You can download and read the very first issue of The Stack here. We hope you enjoy the debut and keep your eyes peeled for future issues. You can access more resources to help make your business more resilient and assist with business strategy planning using our business roadmap planning.

Read The Stack

Read The Stack

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