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PayPal Editorial Staff

PayPal Editorial Staff

March 05, 2023

The Stack Vol 1, Issue 1

If you’ve been delaying making your payment platform a driver of resilience, now’s the time to take action.

The economic outlook is unpredictable, so businesses need to ensure they’re putting every resource to work for more robust customer engagement and more conversions in different channels. With the right payment platform, your business can boost conversion rates and lifetime customer value, reduce complexity for your teams and customers, and use data to successfully capture the full potential of commerce.

PayPal can be your preferred payments provider in this, and our new digital magazine, The Stack, aims to give you timely, relevant, and actionable information to help you plan for the coming year. The Stack is designed to help your business by planning ahead and successfully navigate the future of payments.

We hope you enjoy the debut of The Stack and keep your eyes peeled for future issues. You can access more resources to make your business more resilient and help you plan for 2023 at

Read The Stack

Read The Stack

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