Do more with one provider

Help reduce your costs with a single payments solution for omnichannel payment processing, fraud and risk management, payouts, customer incentives, and more.

Be ready for tomorrow

Equip your team with payments solutions that grow with your business and help you prepare for an ever-evolving retail environment and consumer trends.

Drive results for your business

Acquire, convert, and retain customers with products that put you in control and allow for a customized payments experience.

Elevate your customer experience

Optimize your shoppers’ journeys with a robust payment platform that offers industry-leading auth rates, seamless checkout, rewards programs, and pay later options.

Delivering proven results for retailers

25% lift in retail conversion
PayPal can help increase checkout conversion by 25% from retail customers who paid online.1
1.8X more frequent purchases
PayPal users buy 1.8X more frequently from retail merchants than other digital buyers.2
14% increase in unplanned purchases
PayPal has shown it can help increase unplanned purchases by 14% for retailers.3
22% lift in repeat buyers
on the same retailer website.4
10% more positive experiences
of customers who make retail purchases online with PayPal.5

More solutions to drive growth

Merchant deals and cashback

Customers can search thousands of coupons and cashback deals via the PayPal app or PayPal Honey browser shopping extension.6

PayPal Rewards

Leverage an efficient way to attract customers with a program that offers an easy way to shop, earn, manage, and redeem rewards all in one place.6

Checkout with crypto

Let customers check out with crypto while you get paid in cash. We’ll convert the crypto amount into USD at no additional fee for you or your customers.7

PayPal + Walmart

How Walmart worked with PayPal to innovate its payout experience

“Walmart Marketplace was able to accelerate its growth by seamlessly onboarding sellers who choose Hyperwallet. Plus, convenience and transparency help make Hyperwallet an appealing choice for sellers.”

— Konstantin Zuzik, Senior Manager of Payment Policy, Walmart

PayPal + Pressed

How Pressed worked with PayPal Braintree to enhance its payment processing

“I’m looking at the future of technology in the retail space as payment platforms evolve. I have no doubt we can continue to integrate as we grow because we’ve partnered with PayPal.”

— Blaine LaBron, Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology, Pressed

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