Working capital

Fast funds with payments that flex with your PayPal sales.

The PayPal Working Capital business loan is primarily based on your PayPal account history.1 Apply for $1,000-$150,000 (and up to $250,000 for repeat borrowers) with no credit check.2

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Easy to apply and manage

Payment flexibility

You choose a share of your sales to automatically deduct as payments, so managing your cash flow is easier. Minimum payment required.3

No surprise fees

Don’t worry about periodic interest or hidden fees—you pay just one competitively priced fixed fee.

No credit check

Since loans are based on your PayPal account history, there’s no credit check or impact on your credit score.

Quick funding

Short and easy application. No check of your financial history. Approved loans are funded in minutes.

Designed to help you reach your business goals

Is PayPal Working Capital right for you?

Minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Your business has had a PayPal Business or Premier account for 90 days or more

  • You process at least $20,000 in annual PayPal sales if you have a Premier account, or at least $15,000 in annual PayPal sales if you have a PayPal Business account

  • Pay off any existing PayPal Working Capital loan

PayPal Working Capital can help businesses grow

gave a positive or very positive rating to the response time for approval.
said their business grew after receiving their loan.
of borrowers who grew attributed their growth to the loan.
Data is based on borrowers who responded to the PayPal Working Capital Growth Study, September 2021

It was a game changer for my business.”

I had funding within minutes, and I found it convenient. There’s no complicated math. You know how much you’re getting and how you have to pay it back.”

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PayPal Working Capital PayPal Business Loan
Loan amount

$1,000 - $150,000

(up to $250,000 for repeat borrowers)

$5,000 - $100,000

(up to $150,000 for repeat borrowers)

Time to receive funds Get funding in minutes if approved Check eligibility and, if approved,6 get funding as soon as the next business day7
Minimum eligibility requirements
  • Have a PayPal Business or Premier account for at least 90 days
  • Processed at least $15,000 in PayPal sales in the last 12 months ($20,000 for Premier accounts)
  • No outstanding PayPal Working Capital loan
  • Annual revenue of at least $33,300
  • Business is at least nine months old
  • A PayPal Business account is required
Credit check No credit check because the loan is based on your PayPal account history Requires credit checks because the loan is based on a full picture of your business
How the loan is paid back Repaid as a percentage of your PayPal sales; minimum repayment every 90 days Weekly fixed payments are automatically made from your bank account
One fixed fee that’s paid over the life of the loan8
No hidden fees and no late fees
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6This is an invitation to apply and not an offer or commitment to provide capital. Applicants must satisfy certain requirements to be eligible. Lender approval required—terms and conditions apply.
7The lender transfers funds as fast as the next business day for applications approved by 5PM ET on bank business days.
8For PayPal Business Loan, in addition to the Total Loan Fee, the only other cost is a $20 Returned Item Fee that is only assessed if a payment is returned.

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