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Offer a flexible checkout experience

Sign up for a merchant account and let your customers pay how they want. Accept credit and debit cards, buy now pay later options, and more.

Reach customers in new channels

Whether your business is online, in-store, or on-the-go, your merchant account helps you connect with new customers and expand your business's reach.

Manage risk for your business

Save time and money by letting us help you reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions with our fraud, Chargeback1, and Seller Protection capabilities on eligible purchases.2

Integrate with trusted partners

Our business payment solutions include integrations that help your business thrive, from accounting software to social media tools.

Find the right payment solution for your business

Your merchant account connects you with solutions designed for how you sell, from online checkout to in-person sales.

We pair well with tools you may already use

How to set up a merchant account


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It all starts with a Business account. If you already have a Personal account, it’s easy to upgrade or create a new Business account.


Enter your email address

We’ll use your email to keep in touch with you during and after account setup.


Create a login and password

We’ll also ask for details about your business during this step.


Verify your identity

We’ll send an email to confirm the info you provided.

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PayPal works, no matter the size of your business

It was a no-brainer for us. We built our website with PayPal’s business solutions in mind.

It was always a frontrunner because it’s secure and people expected to see PayPal as an option when they do online shopping. It’s convenient, reliable, and I trust it. I wanted to give that to my customers as an option.

Kitty Shum

Loti Wellness

PayPal alone saves me about 20 hours of admin work a week.

It’s a life saver. Not only do my customers love paying through PayPal (about 55% of my clients pay this way) but frankly, I wouldn’t be able to run my business without it... It gives me an easy way to track how my money comes in, do my bookkeeping, and send invoices. It’s not just about having the right team, but it’s about having the right technology to keep all of this sustainable in the long term.

Nadia Lloyd

Toronto Art Crawl

PayPal is one of the world’s most familiar, trusted, and preferred brands3


years of experience


million active customers1


markets around the globe


different currencies

Add the value of PayPal to your business—with no hidden fees and no monthly commitment

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1 Available on eligible purchases. Limits apply.

2 Available on eligible purchases. Limits apply.

3 Morning Consult - The 15 Most Trusted Brands Globally. March 2021. Morning Consult surveyed over 330,000 consumers across 10 international markets to provide a global view on the current state of consumer trust across brands.

4 Nielsen, Commissioned by PayPal, Nielsen Media Behavioural Panel of SMB desktop transactions from 8,746 USA consumers from April 2020 to March 2021.

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