Paired for growth: PayPal and Pressed innovate the digital and in-store experience

PayPal empowered Pressed to make healthy food available to everyone. See how modern payment solutions help to increase sales and democratize good nutrition.

Pressed is on a mission to make healthy food accessible to all. See how the company uses PayPal technology to give its customers the freedom to pay however they want —and to blaze new trails in the quick-service industry.

We spoke with Blaine LaBron, Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology for Pressed, who has been a key part of Pressed’s brand evolution and expansion into new channels.

Braintree delivers a seamless solution to support a multi-channel experience

When they first started their loyalty and membership program, Pressed faced many challenges with their previous payment processor. They turned to PayPal’s Braintree for a scalable, innovative solution that could help optimize growth with the company.

“The move to Braintree helped reduce our efforts and allowed us to focus more on the customer,” LaBron shared. “We looked at other subscription providers, but Braintree helped simplify the process without introducing any friction to our customer experience.”

To further enhance their customer experience, Pressed began exploring Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) to accommodate the growth of their digital sales, specifically for those paying on mobile devices. Braintree made it easy to add alternative choices without costly development time.

A simple transition to Braintree’s streamlined UI, which includes PayPal and Venmo, delivered immediate results for Pressed:

• 69% increase in conversion rates*

• 50% of transactions made via Venmo or PayPal*

• 53.6% of Venmo transactions made via desktop*

Venmo: More than just another way to pay

With digital sales rapidly increasing across mobile devices, integrating APMs became a critical initiative. What was surprising to the Pressed team was how seamless the APM integration was with Braintree, and how quickly they saw changes in payment patterns.

“Since everything Braintree delivers comes from a developer mindset, implementation is easy,” LaBron explained. “It doesn’t require significant time from my team, and I appreciate that more than anything.”

LaBron also found it remarkable that the Average Order Value (AOV) for Venmo was 57% higher than their membership AOV using traditional credit cards. With Braintree as their support platform, Pressed continues to prioritize adding APMs to all their channels and incorporating them into every digital touchpoint.

Looking ahead towards a plant-forward future

Now that Pressed has built a robust digital experience, they’re working to extend that streamlined approach to their retail operations. With the new Pressed app, for instance, store associates can easily manage digital sales in real time, using one centralized platform to serve multiple channels, audiences, and payment options.

“What I love about working on the technology for Pressed is that we’re really innovating the quick service restaurant space like no one else,” says LaBron. By leveraging technology to connect experiences, regardless of platform or even location, the Pressed team can focus on their customers and products.

Despite the ever-expanding payment space, LaBron is confident that their collaboration with PayPal is the right one for their long-term success.

If payments integration is in your roadmap, watch our "Paired for Success" video to see how Pressed implemented Braintree, to future proof their business and streamline their operations.

Watch the video and download the case study to see how Pressed is thriving with PayPal!

Pressed Case Study (PDF)

Pressed Case Study (PDF)

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