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How PayPal works for fundraising

May 31, 2021

Digital fundraising is increasingly important for nonprofits. In 2018, online giving increased by 23%, website traffic from mobile users was increasing fast, and average retention rate for online donors was 38%.1 This means your nonprofit needs mobile-friendly, convenient, and secure fundraising solutions donors can trust.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff
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Provide your supporters with options to help maximize fundraising opportunities with PayPal

October 10, 2022

Your work as a nonprofit is incredibly important to the individuals and communities who rely on your organization. It is understandable your team is busy because they are passionate about striving to achieve your mission. It might be hard to find time to review your approach to fundraising, but it may be even harder to achieve your goals if your organization is missing out on fundraising opportunities.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff

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