Case Study: Walmart and PayPal’s Hyperwallet

Walmart Marketplace integrated PayPal’s Hyperwallet for payouts in late 2019. The world’s largest retailer is now one of the world’s most innovative omnichannel retailers as it challenges and changes the ecommerce world.

Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, launched Walmart Marketplace as a curated community of third-party sellers. It allows select sellers access to offer their products on, which reaches over 120 million unique site visitors per month.

The community aspect comes from the instruction, tools, and leadership offered to Walmart Marketplace sellers. This helps sellers stay aligned with Walmart's impeccable standards of quality products and exceptional customer service.

Success metrics

  • 629% increase in payout volume1
  • 130% increase in the number of sellers using PayPal’s Hyperwallet1


It is now more important than ever to empower small businesses. Sellers need powerful platforms like Walmart Marketplace to help their businesses thrive. Just as Walmart offers customers the best selection and prices, they strive to offer the best level of choice to these independent sellers as well. Innovating their platform to make it even more nimble and useful to their sellers was one of Walmart Marketplace's key opportunities. Whether it’s more payout options, tax processing, or operational efficiencies, everybody wins when the approach is perpetual improvement.


Walmart Marketplace integrated PayPal’s Hyperwallet for payouts in late 2019. Sellers appreciate having a variety of payout options, and seeing the PayPal brand helps reassure sellers as they join Walmart’s Marketplace. “Walmart Marketplace was able to accelerate its growth by seamlessly onboarding sellers who choose Hyperwallet,” states Konstantin Zuzik, Senior Manager of Payment Policy with Walmart eCommerce. “Plus, convenience and transparency help make Hyperwallet an appealing choice for sellers.”


Seller adoption of the Hyperwallet product for receiving payouts is experiencing rapid growth. In fact, more than half of all new sellers choose Hyperwallet as their preferred payout option. Hyperwallet is also beneficial to the Walmart Marketplace support team as it offers effective controls and customization, providing better “Know Your Customer” alignment. Both partners are forever co-innovating to evolve ecommerce at a scale befitting Walmart and its sellers. PayPal is proud to be a component of Walmart’s vision of a curated and supported community of high quality sellers for Walmart Marketplace.

“PayPal’s Hyperwallet product has definitely met or exceeded our expectations. It allows us to give our sellers options for how they would like to be paid.”

How PayPal and Walmart are innovating payments (PDF)

How PayPal and Walmart are innovating payments (PDF)

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