Reimagine Checkout: Elevate the Experience

To help your business keep customers on the road to purchase, we’ve identified the prime reasons for cart abandonment and provided recommendations on ways to address these issues.

It’s an inspiring time to reimagine the future. New technologies – like virtual reality and artificial intelligence – are redefining the shopping experience. And brands are finding new, creative ways to deepen their connections with their customers via strategic use of personalization, social platforms, and sustainable brand initiatives.

These developments run parallel with increased consumer expectations regarding choice, convenience, and frictionless checkout experiences. Consumer expectations hold – even as inflation, supply chain disruptions, and other macroeconomic factors pose considerable challenges. But resilient, successful businesses continue to navigate the rough waters by keeping the customer experience at the forefront.

Our top 10 practical tips can help you build trust across checkout and general operations.

Each tip is designed to help you:

  • Decrease cart abandonment and drive conversion and sales
  • Deepen customer connections and enhance customer loyalty
  • Drive a positive brand experience and checkout journey

Download the ebook to learn more about these topics:

  1. Deliver on shipping
  2. Rethink returns, so they return
  3. Get paid now, while they pay later
  4. A smart approach to smartphones
  5. Welcome guests, securely
  6. Right time, right feed
  7. Engage authentically on social platforms
  8. Roll out the red carpet for loyalty
  9. Flex your climate cred
  10. Take a walk on the virtual side

Reimagine Checkout (PDF)

Reimagine Checkout (PDF)

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