How to receive payments from customers using a QR code.

May 14 2020 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Once you've created a PayPal-generated QR code for your business, see how easy and quick it is for customers to pay you. Step-by-step instructions for customers included.
Your customers will need an account with PayPal to pay you. To pay, they simply open their PayPal app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play) and select the Scan to Pay option.  
1. Download the latest version of the PayPal app (version 7.21.1) on your smartphone or tablet. Open the app.  
2. From the Home screen, click the More icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen 
3. In the expanded More menu, click the Scan to Pay option.  
4. The PayPal app will ask to use your device’s camera. Select Allow. 
5. Scan the barcode. 
6. Click Send Money. 
7. Enter the amount to pay and click Next 
8. Click Send Now 
Ask your customer to show you their confirmation screen, so you can confirm they sent you the correct amount and that the transaction is legitimate. You’ll see the transaction in your PayPal Business account or in the PayPal Business app listed under Activity. If you have push notifications enabled, you’ll see a notification that the payment was received. 

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