PayPal Pay with QR code on Phone

Scan to pay at some of your favorite stores

Paying in person is as easy as scanning a QR code at checkout. The best part? It's touch-free — you don't have to handle cards or cash. Just use our app.

QR code payments are in

Secure payments

Your full financial info isn’t shared during PayPal and QR code transactions.

At businesses near you

QR codes are accepted at 1M+ small businesses and a growing number of top retailers.

Touch-free, cash-free

Don’t worry about cash or cards when you scan to pay. Scan a QR code to pay bills and more.

Scan to pay with QR in 3 steps

The PayPal app and an account are required.


Scan or Show

Tap the QR icon and select Scan when the seller presents their code. Tap Show to Pay if they ask for your QR code.



Confirm payment if prompted.



Receive your payment confirmation and you’re all set.

Get set to sell with QR codes

Whether you’re starting or running a business, it’s easy to accept touch-free, in-person payments without hardware, software, or card readers.

Start selling with QR codes         

Join over 400 million PayPal users

Easily and securely spend, send, and manage your transactions—all in one place.

Experience the new way to PayPal

Download the app on your phone or sign up for free online.

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