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    6 ways the pandemic is changing consumer shopping habits.

    Jul 20 2020
    Just as you've probably changed the way you do business recently, consumers have also shifted the way they shop – from the products they're buying to the way they're paying for them. And these changes are expected to last even after the crisis ends. According to a June 2020 study from McKinsey & Company, 68% of U.S. consumers say their routines will be affected for four or more months, and 52% say the same about their finances1.


    6 steps to powerful customer testimonials.

    Jul 20 2020
    "Great." "Would recommend." "Happy with purchase." Do those types of reviews sound familiar?


    How to leverage your brand as a strategic asset for your nonprofit.

    May 29 2020
    A brand can be many things to many people. Brands exist beyond logos and taglines – they’re living things. They have personalities and purpose. Brands can think, act, and communicate. Most importantly, if nurtured intentionally, brands will grow and flourish.


    How consumer financing helps sales flourish for online fashion retailers.

    May 13 2020
    Buying power is always in style. PayPal Credit U.S. customers spend 22% more when fashion retailers promote PayPal Credit on their online stores.


    A guide on finding the best e-commerce platform.

    May 12 2020
    Setting up shop online can be great for business, but trying to pick the right e-commerce platform from the hundreds of them out there can feel like another overwhelming decision. To help you arrive at the decision quickly but still thoughtfully, we’ve outlined the important considerations below so you can get your online store up and running fast and money in your pocket quickly. 


    How to effortlessly drive more holiday donations in 2019.

    Apr 02 2020
    The busiest giving season of the year is around the corner. As you prepare for a record-breaking season, keep in mind you don't need a complicated strategy to reach more donors and drive more donations. Here are five easy ways to drive up donations this season, and the tools to back you up.


    4 Steps to getting on the first page of local organic search results.

    Mar 16 2020
    If you’re ever searched Google for a restaurant or dry cleaner “near me,” you’re probably familiar with the local three-pack – the three listings that appear under a map on the first page of results. So, how does a business use organic SEO to get one of those coveted spots?


    For the small business owner who does it all: solutions to your top 5 business challenges.

    Feb 28 2020
    Being a small business owner is the very definition of “wearing many hats.” On any given day (or even within the same hour), you’re the marketing guru, the IT director, the office manager, the customer service rep … and the list goes on.


    4 trends helping home and garden retailers grow their online sales.

    Nov 18 2019
    Around the globe, the home and garden e-commerce market is growing.1 In the U.S., where today's economy encourages homeowners to stay in their houses longer2 and city-dwellers to rent instead of buy3, consumers are well positioned to make regular home and garden purchases. This is good news for home and garden retailers who can seize this opportunity to help grow their online sales by taking advantage of the following trends.

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