PayPal helps drive revenue growth: Boost conversion, spend and satisfaction

Learn how PayPal’s consumer network can help you capture first-time buyers, encourage repeat purchases and higher spend, and improve customer satisfaction. Download the latest 2021 Nielsen Report U.S.

At PayPal, one of our top priorities has always been helping you create a frictionless checkout and improve your overall customer experience. You can reduce the number of form fields using Express Checkout and One Touch, provide a seamless mobile experience with our mobile SDK, retarget PayPal customers with marketing tools, plus offer all the payment options your target demographics want, like digital wallets and local payment methods.

We’ve also been rated one of the most trusted brands in America,1 with more than 20 years’ experience processing billions of transactions. But the real power of PayPal lies in our global network of 350+ million active accounts2 – and growing.

Our latest study, in partnership with Nielsen, shows how PayPal favorably affects enterprises compared to other payment methods. The study measures the impact of PayPal across three core areas: conversion, spend, and merchant experience.

How PayPal helps drive conversions, spend, and satisfaction

PayPal helps merchants to win by increasing business conversions and driving unplanned purchases. Merchants who display PayPal see an increase in repeat purchases and higher average orders. As such, being part of our global consumer network can help to increase conversions overall, creating a positive impact through building trust and credibility.

Conversions: The PayPal name can improve checkout conversions and buyer confidence

Displaying the PayPal name can increase customer loyalty and improve checkout conversions. On average, merchants can see a 28% increase in checkout conversion when PayPal is selected, with customers being 2.8x more likely to convert on sites where PayPal is visible. It is this PayPal loyalty that can help businesses to increase conversions and help to build consumer confidence.

Spend: PayPal helps increase average order values and repeat purchasing

PayPal also helps to improve unplanned purchases and generate repeat buying. There is a 19% increase in unplanned purchases when PayPal is an option for consumers. In addition, merchants displaying the PayPal name can expect to see a 13% increase in repeat purchasing, as well as higher average orders. This can help to drive revenue generation without extra investment, and is the ideal solution as to how to increase the average order value.

NPS: Increases in Net Promoter Score

Displaying PayPal can also increase customer loyalty, with an 8 point increase in Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS. Retaining customers is generally an easier way to maximize growth and reduce expenditure than going in search of new markets.

PayPal’s impact when compared to other online payment methods

PayPal can help merchants across a range of industries, as the 2021 Nielsen Report U.S. clearly outlines. The presence of PayPal’s known and trusted payment solution has demonstrated tangible and measurable benefits, as well as providing satisfying experiences for both merchants and their customers.

  • Grocery: There was a 48% conversion uplift at checkout and a 20% increase in repeat purchases when using PayPal, compared to other online payment methods
  • Electronics: Customers are 1.6x more likely to convert when shopping with merchants where PayPal is visible
  • Fashion: Merchants witnessed a 65% uplift at checkout and a 14% increase in repeat purchases when using PayPal
  • Electronics: The presence of PayPal at checkout led to an impressive 90% conversion uplift, while customers were 1.6x more likely to purchase when PayPal was visible compared to other payment methods
  • Food delivery: In the food delivery category, the presence of PayPal at checkout resulted in an 18% uplift in business conversion and a similar increase in repeat purchases
  • Health and beauty: 28% more customers converted on their purchases for health and beauty products when PayPal was an option at checkout
  • Entertainment and leisure: There was an impressive 62% conversion uplift at checkout thanks to PayPal

The 2021 Nielsen Report U.S. offers fresh insights on how to help drive conversions and revenue. Learn more about:

  • The most common triggers that lead to online conversions, and how to improve conversion rates
  • Which industries and verticals benefit the most from offering PayPal
  • How PayPal can help provide an uplift in both new customers and increase repeat purchases
  • How the PayPal customer experience can help increase AOV and unplanned purchases

Overall, paying with PayPal helps to improve the customer experience. That’s an edge many merchants can use in the current climate. Download the Nielsen report to find out more.

2021 Nielsen Report US (PDF)

2021 Nielsen Report US (PDF)

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