Connect to ready-to-shop customers with Pay Later

Grow sales from the millions of PayPal customers that qualify to use Pay Later.

Every successful business needs a steady supply of new and returning customers who are ready to shop. Even more appealing is the possibility of higher conversions and average order values (AOV) from an active and loyal customer base that returns to shop again and again. To increase conversions and AOV, offering buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment options – like those from PayPal – can help consumers shop with confidence to get what they need now, pay at a pace that works for them, and keep them coming back time and time again.

With 435+ million global active accounts, PayPal connects businesses to a large, eligible, and ready-to-shop customer base, improving the opportunities for businesses to grow a community of loyal customers. Shoppers know and trust PayPal: PayPal’s ranked as the second most-trusted brand across the financial services industry in the United States.1 And offering PayPal can help large enterprise merchants increase checkout conversion by an average of 33%.2

Flexible payment options can help increase conversion

Millions of US PayPal customers are eligible to use PayPal’s Pay in 43, which lets customers pay for purchases in four interest-free installment payments. This flexibility means that Pay in 4 can help improve business success by boosting conversions and AOV. For example, the AOV for Pay in 4 is two times higher than the AOV for standard PayPal orders.4

Dynamic messaging informs customers about Pay Later – and their prequalified amount

When eligible PayPal customers log into the PayPal app, they see their estimated Pay in 4 prequalified amount, so they know how much they can spend when shopping.

As shoppers begin the checkout process for their chosen products, they can pick a Pay Later option to pay for their purchases. They’re then prompted to add their information, choose a payment plan, and apply. They find out in seconds if their application has been approved, with no impact to their credit score.

Growing a business with higher order values, conversions, and customer loyalty

By offering and promoting Pay Later to shoppers, merchants can help grow sales and increase conversion rates, at no additional cost. PayPal takes care of billing and collecting payments from customers while merchants get paid up front, in full. And the dynamic Pay Later messaging can help increase AOV: Businesses saw a 12% lift in sales after six months when they added Pay Later upstream messaging.5

With the ease of use of BNPL options like Pay Later, customers are more likely to return for future purchases. In the United States, 66% of Pay Later customers are repeat users6 – a sure sign that shoppers feel secure in using Pay Later when their favorite businesses offer it as a payment option.

Learn more about PayPal pay later options.

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