PayPal ticket reserves & refunds - account reserves

A PayPal ticket reserve is a preventive measure ensuring the ticket buyer receives a refund in the case of cancelation. Learn more about account reserves.

Why does PayPal hold reserves for businesses that host conferences/events?

Sometimes events and conferences have to be canceled. It happens more than you'd expect, and it’s often outside of the organizer’s control. Some reasons for cancelation include: insufficient demand, sickness of the performers, and bad weather. In these instances, we need to ensure that the ticket buyer is protected and receives a refund. Maintaining a reserve balance in your PayPal account is a preventive measure that helps safeguard all parties and enables a smoother refund process, if required. I’m selling tickets to an event or conference.

Why do I need to send you this information?

We would like to understand more about the scale and size of your event.

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