Easy ways to fundraise during this vital holiday giving season and beyond.

Oct 22 2020 | PayPal Editorial Staff

The work of nonprofits has never been more important than now – in a time of many challenges, from public health and safety to concerns about the economy and social justice. As we move into the holiday giving season, your organization should be prepared to accept donations in as many ways as possible, so you don’t miss a fundraising opportunity.

Here are 5 easy ways you can bring in more donations this giving season, and some PayPal tools to get you started.
1. Enable mobile donations.
Even before the pandemic, mobile and online donations were rising steadily. Last year, nonprofits received $16 billion in donations through PayPal, and 27% of those payments were made on mobile devices.1 Potential donors are used to making mobile purchases with apps such as Venmo and PayPal, and will be even more receptive to making mobile donations. Make sure that the PayPal Donate button
is easy to find on your website from both desktop and mobile devices; also check that you’re a PayPal Confirmed Charity to get exclusive perks, including a discounted rate on donation processing.
2. Expand your reach with QR codes and mobile sharing.
Your website isn’t the only place to catch donors’ attention. When you create a PayPal Donate button,
it comes with a QR code you can add to livestreams, virtual events, and printed fundraising materials. It also comes with a shareable Donate button link, making it easy to add the button to email campaigns, social media, and partner websites.
3. Help unlock more donations with Give at Checkout.

This year, make sure you're enrolled with the PayPal Giving Fund, your organization will automatically be listed in the PayPal app and on PayPal's fundraising site. Then encourage donors to name your organization as their favorite charity; Give at Checkout, presents an option to donate $1 every time they check out with PayPal during the holidays. Donors can choose favorite charities in their PayPal settings or by visiting your charity’s profile page on the PayPal Giving Fund website.

Last year, participating charities raised over $2 million through Give at Checkout, and more than one million PayPal users became first time donors.2
4. Capture monthly donations.

Following up with donors can be time consuming, costly, and awkward. You can let donors choose recurring donations with the Donate button, making giving more convenient for them and more sustainable for your organization. To ensure that you collect promised donations, use PayPal Invoicing. It's the feast and easy way to customize and send invoices from any device by email - and you can create scheduled or recurring invoices to be sent automatically.

5. Make December 1 a day to celebrate generosity.
Giving Tuesday is a prime opportunity to create holiday giving campaigns. In 2019, a total of $1.97 billion was raised on Giving Tuesday; online donations increased 28% over 2018 totals, to $511 million.3 More than $130 million of that total was donated through PayPal channels alone – and PayPal contributed over $1 million through matching contributions made on the PayPal website.4
It’s never too early to start setting up your holiday fundraising program. Discover more ideas
 for using online payment tools to meet or beat your fundraising goals.

The content of this article is provided for informational purposes only. You should always obtain independent business, tax, financial, and legal advice before making any business decision.

1, 2, 4 PayPal 2019 Global Impact Report.
3 GivingTuesday.org.

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