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PayPal Giving Fund helps people support their favorite charities online. We receive donations through PayPal, eBay, and other technology platforms and make grants to our donors' recommended charities. PayPal Giving Fund is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) public charity (Federal Tax ID: 45-0931286).

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We receive the donations and provide receipts to donors

We grant the funds to charities, directly to their PayPal accounts

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Extend your fundraising reach through programs with these trusted partners.


PayPal makes it easy for donors to discover your charity and donate. When you enroll, you'll automatically be listed in the PayPal app and on PayPal's fundraising site.

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eBay for Charity

eBay customers can support your charity by adding a donation when they buy an item, or donating a percentage when they sell an item.

Explore eBay for Charity

Humble Bundle

Customers buying games or eBooks through the Humble Bundle digital platform can choose to support your charity with every order.

Learn about Humble Bundle and charities


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that lets your supporters create their own unique fundraising campaigns to support your charity.

Learn about GoFundMe fundraising


Deed helps companies harness the passion of their employees and customers to take a stand, sharing values, and making a lasting impact in their community.

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Sell For Good gives neighbors the ability to support local charities, by simply buying and selling items on Nextdoor’s For Sale and Free. An easy way for Nextdoor members to revitalize their neighborhood by giving back to support a local cause.   

Learn more about Sell For Good here    

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Here are a few of the thousands of charities you can support with PayPal Giving Fund.

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