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Maximize your charitable impact and strengthen customer engagement around the world with PayPal Giving Fund.

We are a flexible and trusted giving platform. We provide scalability and charity choice for online customer giving programs across social platforms, retail marketplaces, streaming platforms and more.

You'll be in good company

Some of the world’s leading internet businesses are using PayPal Giving Fund to maximize the benefits of charitable giving.

Why partner with PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund supports social platforms, retail marketplaces and streaming platforms to drive impact, achieve efficiency and operate at scale.

We make it easy to embed charitable giving in your websites and apps. PayPal provides a directory of vetted charities around the world and processes the donations to PayPal Giving Fund, which issues the tax receipt to donors and grants the funds to donors’ recommend charities in accordance with its policies.

  • Fundraising and social giving platforms

    Help your customers to create campaigns or fundraisers to support any eligible charity. We’ll handle the vetting of charities and the distribution of funds.

  • Retail marketplaces

    Your customers can add a donation to support their chosen charity when they sell an item. Buyers can add donations to benefit their favourite charity - or your chosen cause - as they shop.

  • Streaming platforms

    Content creators can hold a fundraiser to benefit a charity of their choice. Viewers can donate as they watch the streaming event.

Make it simple to setup and operate your program

PayPal Giving Fund offers less friction and a secure and easily integrated solution, that gives your customers confidence and helps increase funds raised for charity.

Offer your customers choice and support a vast selection of causes

Expand your reach with access to millions of charities globally. PayPal’s Charity Search API quickly updates the list of eligible charities with registration and status data.

Mitigate your risks and reduce compliance burdens

Be confident your brand is associated with a trustworthy cause. Each charity is vetted by PayPal and meets our standards. The PayPal technology platform delivers strong payment transaction security and donation data privacy.

How donations to PayPal Giving Fund work

Use our Charity API to access our global directory of vetted charities

Your customers discover great causes to support when they interact with your business.

Your customer makes donations to PayPal Giving Fund

We send a tax receipt to the donor.

Funds are granted to charities

Charities are notified of payment. We share reports with partners and enrolled charities.

Donor advised fund sponsors and other grantmakers

If you're a donor advised fund sponsor, community foundation, or other type of grantmaker looking to distribute funds electronically to eligible charities, Grant Payments with PayPal can help. Contact us here.

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