PayPal is the safer, easier way to sell overseas

PayPal allows your business to:

Sit back and watch your sales soar

  • Businesses which engaged in cross-promotional activities with PayPal saw a sales lift of between 11-22%.1
  • Up to 40% of customers surveyed made a purchase with an online business ONLY because PayPal was available.2
  • More online shoppers in Australia prefer to pay online using PayPal than other methods (credit cards, debit cards, direct debit etc).3

We help your business stay secure

Our advanced anti-fraud model helps protect merchants against suspicious buyers, domestically as well as overseas.

Manage your risk better by setting up your Payment Receiving Preferences to better handle incoming payments.

We offer competitive rates

With no set-up charges, you pay transaction fees only on what you sell. See our competitive transaction fees for cross-border payments.

Every PayPal account type allows you to accept international payments.
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1Internal Analysis of PayPal AU merchants who participated in PayPal’s ‘Shop Away The Winter Blues’ promotion, (12-26 June 2007)

2Northstar Research Partners survey of PayPal users who shopped at selected AU merchants, (12-26 June 2007)

3Nielsen Consumer Report 2H 2007 – Preferred Payment Method for Online Shopping