Customer stories

Read how small businesses around the globe use PayPal to start, manage, and grow their businesses.


    Bee Raw: Freeing up time to help grow the business, using PayPal.

    Mar 04 2020
    In 2005, Freeman launched Bee Raw to sell attractively packaged honey and related gifts online and at specialty food markets and retail stores. Eleven years later, the business is growing about 20% annually,1 although Freeman still runs Bee Raw from his home office. 


    How a single customer-service experience launched a quality T-shirt business.

    Feb 28 2020
    You may be dreaming about starting your own business – but what kind? If the idea is the stumbling block, the inspiration might be hiding in your own interactions with other businesses: the moment when you think to yourself, “I could do this better.” That’s how Dan Corcoran got the idea for Forward Printing, his screen-printing business in Oakland, California.


    Independent Reign: From Wall Street to designer and entrepreneur.

    Feb 28 2020
    Finding sewing and designing accessories more fulfilling than her Wall Street tech job, Mastrorilli took the leap and turned her hobby into a full-time business.  Her company, Independent Reign, now sells her creations on her own online store as well as on sites like Etsy. 


    Increasing support for worldwide relief efforts.

    Feb 26 2020
    Direct Relief raises mission-critical funds, with help from PayPal Giving Fund.


    From stay-at-home mom to launching a 783% growth business.

    May 17 2019
    Returning to work after taking time off to raise a family can leave a gap in your resume. Instead of trying to climb back on up the corporate ladder, one path back to the workplace could be starting your own business.


    Strategies for “Making Over” Your Business.

    May 03 2019
    I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but the challenges facing most of the small business owners I know –myself included – are pretty universal when it comes to things like cash flow or managing and growing our companies. Some industries, however, can present business owners with unique sets of challenges.


    5 e-commerce design hacks from a pro.

    Apr 30 2019
    From my ten years of consulting on e-commerce optimization, I’ve learned that converting online shoppers into buyers is about pulling all the right levers.


    Ready for your business to "go green"? Get inspiration from RPC Global.

    Apr 26 2019
    Preservation and sustainability are core values at PayPal, influencing everything from the design of our offices to the way we do business. Our commitment to saving the planet is one that we share with many of our businesses, large and small. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re spotlighting one business owner whose efforts are making a positive impact on both the planet and his community.


    Dave's Guitar Shop: Amping up sales.

    Jan 07 2019
    A specialized guitar shop amps up sales with PayPal Credit2 and without any work.

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