Processing payments

Learn how to process payments and help find the right solution for your business.


    Payment Processing 101: Learn how your money gets to you.

    Nov 04 2019
    As online shopping increases, many businesses are setting up digital shops to accept payments online and capture more sales. To be successful, businesses need to incorporate streamlined online payment processing. Before you get started, it's important to know the "three P's": Players, Payments, and Pricing. 


    PayPal Here: Accept payments in-store and on-the-go.

    Oct 15 2019
    Fewer and fewer people are carrying cash these days. Fortunately for your business, today’s technology makes it easy for you to accept cashless payments both in-store and on-the-go.


    Setting up subscriptions and recurring payments for your business.

    Aug 14 2019
    Learn how you can set up subscriptions and recurring payments for your business with PayPal.


    How to fundraise in a mobile world.

    Jul 15 2019
    When people want to support their favorite causes, it's only natural they turn to their mobile devices. To help people give in a way that fits their mobile lifestyles, there are a few simple steps that your nonprofit can take to make your mobile experience faster, easier, and more donor friendly.


    The many ways PayPal can support your business.

    May 31 2019
    We offer the tools today's companies need to do business. Our payment-processing and business tools help you get paid – whether you're selling online, offline, or some combination of the two.


    Credit card processing fees: What business owners need to know.

    May 30 2019
    Once you understand how the online payment process works, the next thing to know is what it all costs and how fees are typically structured. That process can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s take a closer look at fees here.


    Don't let the payment options you offer customers stand in the way of making a sale.

    May 17 2019
    It wasn’t long ago that choosing online payment options for small businesses meant deciding which credit cards to accept. And while many people still whip out their credit card to make a purchase, digital payments are becoming more and more popular.


    How PayPal credit card processing works for your business.

    May 17 2019
    PayPal facilitates online payments for hundreds of thousands of ecommerce ventures. Explore why you should use or pay with PayPal and how it can work for you.


    What you need to know about PCI DSS Compliance.

    May 17 2019
    One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is responsible and secure handling of customer data and payment transactions.