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    Why are your funds unavailable or on hold? And what can you do about it?

    Jul 10 2020
    Most businesses will experience a time when their funds become unavailable, also known as a payment hold.


    Disputes, claims, chargebacks, and bank reversals.

    May 19 2020
    At PayPal, our goal is to make the buying and selling process as easy and secure as possible for our customers.


    Selling with PayPal part 1: Opening an account.

    Jun 14 2021
    This step-by-step guide will show you how to quickly open a PayPal Business account. It's the first in a series of articles showing you how to easily add a payment button to your website, send invoices, and create your own shareable link.


    The Adaptables: Small businesses. Big pivots. Real advice.

    Feb 04 2021
    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, small business owners are pivoting their strategies and offerings to meet changing customer behaviors and economic shifts. Our Adaptables series celebrates the quick pivots small businesses around the world have made in order to survive—and thrive—and shares their practical advice for other small businesses, no matter where they are in the world.


    PayPal Account Limitations: withdrawal & transfer limits.

    Aug 21 2018
    Account limits prevent certain actions on your PayPal account. Keep reading to learn what account limitations are, why they get placed on your account, and what you can do about removing them.


    Setting up subscriptions and recurring payments for your business.

    May 15 2020
    If you need a quick way to create subscription plans for your products or services, we’ll walk you through how to set them up on your website. Offering subscriptions can be a great way to create a stable, predictable revenue stream.


    Accepting payments part 3: Creating a shareable payment link.

    Apr 12 2021
    Learn how to create a PayPal.Me link for your business that you can share in email, text message, or social media channels.


    The many ways PayPal can support your business.

    Jul 21 2021
    From coast-to-coast and around the world, small business owners are constantly finding ways to successfully adapt and grow their business with the right tools.


    Payment Processing 101: Learn how your money gets to you.

    Mar 02 2021
    As online shopping increases, many businesses are setting up digital shops to accept payments online and capture more sales. To be successful, businesses need to incorporate streamlined online payment processing. Before you get started, it's important to know the "three P's": Players, Payments, and Pricing. 

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