PayPal's Pay in 4 is a critical part of JTV's growth strategy

PayPal Editorial Staff

PayPal Editorial Staff

February 06, 2022

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Pay in 4 helps decrease friction and increase incrementality for JTV.

JTV (Jewelry Television®) is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the United States. One of the many things that sets JTV apart is its omni-digital strategy, including live TV programming that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to 78 million US households. With a successful 26-year history, JTV has been partnering with PayPal since 2008, more than half of the company’s history.

PayPal had the good fortune to speak with JTV Chief Strategy Officer Tim Engle. Since 2006, Tim has been responsible for all digital platforms: mobile, ecommerce, and OTT. His purview is great, as is his business acumen.

Download the full case study and watch the video to learn more about JTV's growth strategy success.

Paypal JTV Case Study (PDF)

Paypal JTV Case Study (PDF)

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