PayPal and Braintree: Open the door to opportunity before it even knocks

Set your sights high and pick a payment system as flexible and reliable as you are. PayPal Braintree, our end-to-end enterprise payments platform, provides the support you need to increase authorization rates, boost fraud detection, and stay in compliance. It’s the backup you need to make it through every step of the customer journey.

Payment processing done right with PayPal Braintree

  • Increase authorization rates and optimize processing. Drive revenue with Smart Retries, Smart Routing, Account Updater, and Network Tokenization.
  • Orchestrate payments to increase resiliency, expand your ecosystem, and reduce operational complexity.
  • Streamline your operations with dispute automation, reporting insights, and enterprise admin approvals.

Helping you make it all happen

  • Enjoy superior uptimes and connections.
  • Customizable capabilities for flexibility.
  • Get global reach with full-stack processing through a single integration, unlocking 130+ currencies in 50 countries.
  • Integrate once and have the ability to expand.
  • Keep direct lines open with experts who are ready to assist.

We’ve got what’s now, you’ve got what’s next:

  • 3.8 p.p increase in U.S. authorization rates with PayPal Braintree.1
  • 87% of current merchants agree PayPal Braintree helps their company achieve sales, growth, and operational goals.2
  • 88% of current U.S. merchants agree PayPal Braintree is a strategic commerce partner.3

Focus on growing your business, we’ll focus on managing risks

We can help you lessen losses, drive revenue, minimize manual operation through automation, and expand into new markets.

Fraud Protection

You’re the best at what you do, so are we.


  • Out-of-the box workbench with out of the box risk rules and filters to manage risk on card transactions.
  • Insights on chargebacks and declines.
  • Expand globally with minimum lift.


  • Approve more orders and sell high-risk products like gift cards and electronics.
  • Help reduce fraud and labor costs.
  • Minimize false declines and uncomfortable conversations with customers

Fraud Protection Advanced


  • Sophisticated, out-of-the-box solutions to help spot suspicious transactions.
  • Manual review capabilities for in-house fraud teams.
  • Customizable capabilities for flexibility.
  • Real-time recommendations with AI/machine learning.


  • 57.3% reduction in good customer declines.4
  • 42% of online fraud incidents are chargeback fraud.5
  • 2.8% possible increase in direct payment auth rates.6

Dispute Automation*

You’ve handled disputes for long enough, we’ll handle it from here.


  • Reduce losses and the need to respond to disputes by automating the contestation process.


  • Increase win rates with customizable, bank-specific dispute response templates.
  • Build powerful dispute cases by incorporating fraud and transaction data.

Chargeback Protection*

We’ve got your back on chargebacks.


  • Reduce losses and liability through PayPal s live risk analysis on your direct credit card transactions.
  • Lessen the liability for unauthorized transactions and item not received chargebacks.


  • Keep customers happy by speeding up orders and removing manual payment confirmations.
  • Less chargebacks = less in fees. PayPal will cover the disputed amount and waive fees for eligible fraudulent and INR transactions.
  • Reduce fraud and losses for items not received with no cap on losses.

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