Independent Reign: From Wall Street to designer and entrepreneur.

Feb 28 2020 | Chase Jones, Content Marketing Manager, PayPal

Finding sewing and designing accessories more fulfilling than her Wall Street tech job, Mastrorilli took the leap and turned her hobby into a full-time business.  Her company, Independent Reign, now sells her creations on her own online store as well as on sites like Etsy. 
A chance visit to a Hong Kong fabric store inspired Janine Mastrorilli to dream up luxurious yet minimal accessories. "I looked at all of these fabrics, thinking about what I could make, and this creative spirit kicked in," recalls the New York-based designer. "I spent hours sewing everything - shirts, socks, and bags. Whatever I could come up with. I was hooked," says Janine Mastrorilli, founder of Independent Reign.
 She’s built a following for the totes, clutches, and beach bags that she styles from simple linens with leather accents.

Expanding, but staying hands-on.

While Mastrorilli recently moved Independent Reign out of her home and into a Brooklyn studio, she’s keeping her hands thoroughly in the business. She and a couple of assistants handle all of the fabric sourcing, cutting, and sewing, as well as the shipping. With a busy work schedule, Mastrorilli wants to keep other business aspects manageable, like online payment processing. She uses PayPal Express Checkout on her own site, as well as on Etsy, and relies on PayPal specialists to answer questions about accepting payments or presenting payment options.
“When you’re running your own business, you often feel like you don’t know exactly how everything is supposed to work,” Mastrorilli says. If she needs to know something about payments, she can contact PayPal during business hours and get a real-live person who will work to solve her problem. 

Eyeing growth, with financial health.

Mastrorilli plans to expand Independent Reign’s product lines and customer base – for example, selling internationally and adding more online retailers like Etsy. “Having space that’s not in my own house is a big step for me, and I should be able to grow a bit faster,” she says. Keeping a healthy bank account contributes to that growth, especially since quick access to PayPal account funds keeps money available for the business.
“You get paid, you check your PayPal account, and usually the money is there almost instantly,” Mastrorilli explains. Keeping cash flow healthier and making it easy for customers to pay online has helped Mastrorilli to grow her business 40% each year since opening her doors.1
She’s also finding that more customers like to buy her totes and purses while they’re on the go – 65% of the business’s online PayPal payments come from mobile shoppers.* Since PayPal’s checkout flow is mobile optimized, Independent Reign’s mobile customers can pay for their purchases quickly and easily.
Reducing the time Mastrorilli spends on administration tasks frees up her schedule to hunt down the perfect fabrics and brainstorm the finished product.  “PayPal gives me the confidence . . . to run my business successfully,” she says. “Payments are one less thing I have to stress about.”

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1Data is based on the business’s own internal analysis of its ongoing payment trends and annual revenue growth. Results may not be typical and will vary by business.

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