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A new year brings new challenges. In the current economic climate, many large businesses are scaling back business growth strategies and revenue targets, shifting priorities away from digital transformation strategies and onto cost-saving strategies. But you don’t have to choose between business savings and setting your business up for success.

Our secure, efficient, and scalable technology can help you overcome existing challenges while enabling new opportunities for your business. You can save time, money and resources while navigating the year ahead with PayPal. Discover the benefits of the new ecommerce experience.

Focus on cost-savings: Capture the full potential of commerce (and customers)

How does optimizing the customer experience help your business save money? Better customer experiences convert new customers and keep existing ones loyal, which means less time and money spent on customer retention.

The cost and complexity of meeting customer demands are high – but the cost of falling out of favor (and falling behind) could be even higher. With actionable insights and quick conversion and implementation, your employees can spend less time on backend minutiae and more time on value-add activities.

Quickly process payments

PayPal provides businesses with a simple, convenient, and trustworthy payment experience.

Streamline your payments

PayPal’s single integration helps ensure fast, secure transactions, and improved customer loyalty.

Help protect revenue and drive productivity

PayPal’s automated dispute resolution1 and Chargeback Protection2 on eligible transactions contribute to fewer and shorter support calls and reduced payment-related customer support issues.3

Make fast business decisions

PayPal offers concrete, actionable data to help customers and merchants make informed business decisions.

Help improve the operational efficiency of your payments ecosystem

Design, implement and optimize integrations that best suit your business.

Operationalize payments capabilities quickly

PayPal can help businesses save time by enabling payments from some of the world’s most popular credit and debit cards.

Focus on Growth

To unlock new sales, efficiency is key. Capitalize on new opportunities without sacrificing agility or security – our modern payment system lets you focus on growing your business while we help tackle the logistics behind the scenes:

  • A frictionless commerce experience: PayPal users are 2.8x more likely to convert where PayPal is visibile.3
  • Unlock a global network: Accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, and 10+ local payment methods in over 100 currencies and from 200+ market globally.
  • Leverage customer intelligence: Send targeted offers to incentivize purchases, drive more value, and grow customer loyalty.
  • Drive authorization rates to meet (and help exceed) expectations: 28% increase in checkout conversion with PayPal.*4
  • Help boost conversion rates with first time buyers: 19% increase in unplanned purchases when PayPal is an option.5

Focus on digital transformation: Flexible, future-ready commerce

The only constant in business is change. But change doesn’t have to be intimidating. Stay agile and ahead of trends (and your competition) with innovative technology that is modular, interoperable, and easy to integrate, so you can start smart and build as you grow.

A payment system as flexible and reliable as you are

Integrate once and gain access to PayPal, Buy Now Pay Later, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payment methods.

Help deliver the seamless experiences your customers want

Give your customers the choice to pay how and when they want to help you close the sale now and build loyalty later.

Stay agile and future-ready

Our payments platform plugs into some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, analytic services, and billing applications.

Help grow your revenue, scale globally, and keep pace with an ever-changing business landscape with PayPal. Go beyond the button.

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