How to increase holiday sales: 8 actionable ideas to boost sales during the holiday season

The holiday season is prime time for small businesses, with consumers often looking for niche products to surprise and delight their friends and families.

To make the most of the opportunity and capitalize on the festive shopping rush, it’s best practice to plan ahead. In 2022, 56% of surveyed shoppers in the United States planned to begin their holiday shopping in October, while 35% decided to get started in November1.

Here are 8 actionable ideas to help increase holiday sales and make sure this is a holiday season to remember.

Festive product bundles: Tempting combinations for shoppers

Product bundling can encourage customers to upgrade, add linked products to their basket, and – most importantly – increase their average order value (AOV). Bundling is especially advantageous for businesses during the holiday season, when shoppers are trying to tick off their gift lists.

Bundling related products with discounted prices can encourage customers to spend more. The perceived value of the bundle may also boost holiday sales, incentivizing customers to spend more to access an appealing gift or perk.

Limited time offers: Creating a sense of urgency

The psychological impacts of scarcity and urgency can have huge effects on consumer behavior. Fear of missing out (FOMO) could be a powerful motivator.

Businesses can communicate – or create - scarcity with time-sensitive deals, which could encourage shoppers to buy before they expire, or by sending out reminders if there is limited stock.

Personalized gift guides: Simplifying shopping decisions

The festive period can be stressful, so easing the decision-making process could be incredibly attractive to consumers. Curated gift guides could help people choose gifts quickly and with confidence, presenting easy, attractive options that may encourage higher conversion rates.

Consider implementing AI-driven recommendations based on customers’ previous purchases. Small e-commerce businesses could also generate curated lists of popular product ranges, different price ranges, and gifts based on personality and relationship, or create gift-finder quizzes.

Enhanced customer support: Providing a seamless experience

Imagine it is a week before Christmas and a customer’s last-minute gift is lost in the mail. If a business can provide them with enhanced customer service and a meaningful response, this can increase trust and loyalty.

Quick and helpful responses during the busiest shopping period of the year may create high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and may boost holiday sales.

Gift wrapping and packaging: Adding a special touch

Beautiful seasonal packaging appeals to customers on an emotional level and solves one of the season’s biggest headaches for them – wrapping. Offering free gift wrapping with orders above a certain value can appeal to time-poor customers and boost AOV.

Festive sparkle can make an impression on some customers, enhancing the perceived value of the product, and encouraging them to choose one e-commerce site over another.

Collaborations and associations: Expanding reach

Collaborating with a relevant association or organization can help introduce businesses to a brand-new audience.

Fashion collaborations can help develop relationships with luxury and affordable labels, allowing the two brands to access each other’s customers and share brand value2.

Strategic freebies: Offer seasonal extras

Gifts with purchase (GWP) could increase AOV, encourage undecided customers to take their cart to checkout, and move stagnant inventory. Displaying the free gift’s RRP can also communicate value.

Raffles may also increase customer engagement and loyalty by rewarding customers with free gifts, limited edition items, or product ranges in short supply.

After-sales loyalty offers: Encouraging repeat business

High customer lifetime value (CLV) can lead to long-term success, and the holiday season is the time to gain and retain satisfied customers. Loyalty programs and post-purchase incentives may encourage them to return, generate points through purchases, and keep them shopping long after the festive period is over.

For more tips on how to achieve your business goals, check out 7 ways to future-proof your small business for long-term success.

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