Vogue Business & PayPal Webinar: Young US consumers have a new attitude to finance and shopping

Nov 02 2021 | PayPal Editor

Young people (ages 18-39) in particular are changing how they shop to reflect a growing desire for financial security and independence.
Over the past six months, more than a quarter of consumers surveyed by Vogue Business spent in excess of $300 on new fashion items each month — a near-direct result of communities reopening and a new normal after more than a year in quarantine.1 

Join Vogue Business trends editor Lucy Maguire, Heather Fields, director, Global Pay Later Product Marketing at PayPal, and Samina Virk, Global CMO of Threads Styling, to unpack Gen Z’s changing attitudes to personal finance and fashion consumption, bolstered by Vogue Business and PayPal research.

1. An online study commissioned by PayPal and conducted by Vogue Business in April 2021, involving 1,350 Vogue and GQ readers in the  U.S.

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