Paired for Expansion: PayPal and Pressed deliver innovative the payments ecosystem

Apr 12 2022 | PayPal Editor

Learn how PayPal partnered with Pressed to revolutionize the customer experience and help provide the type of service and options their customers expect.

Whether digital or in store, Pressed makes payment a fast and simple experience, so customers can pay using the methods they trust. And Pressed can focus on innovating in the space, always ready to easily implement whatever future payment option waits around the corner.

Watch the video to discover how PayPal helped Pressed integrate Venmo and QRC into their payments ecosystem.

If innovation and multi-channel expansion is on your road map, view our "Paired for Growth" video and download the case study to see how modern payment solutions helped Pressed increase sales and democratize good nutrition.

For use of this case study in any market outside of the US, please seek local legal approval.

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