Paired for growth: Pressed and PayPal Enterprise Solutions

Oct 22 2021 | PayPal Editor

Learn how PayPal's enterprise platform bolstered Pressed to quickly expand their digital footprint and meet their customers where they want to be.
Pressed began in 2010 with a mission to make plant-forward living as convenient and delicious as possible. Today, Pressed continues to grow with stores throughout the US along with online and wholesale distribution. Now in addition to their signature cold-pressed juices, they offer an array of wholesome plant-based foods to keep consumers nourished throughout the day.

We spoke with Pressed’s Vice President of Digital Commerce and Technology, Blaine LaBron, who has been a part of Pressed’s brand evolution and expansion into new channels. One might think that beginning a fiscal year in the ill-fated March of 2020 would be daunting. However, Pressed saw it as an opportunity.

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