PayPal and Phoenix Suns revolutionize the fan experience

Aug 24 2021 | PayPal Editor

PayPal partnered with the Phoenix Suns to improve the fan experience. Read on to see how a modernized contactless payment experience helped to increase merchandise and eCommerce sales.
For fans, live sporting events are more than a game. They’re an experience. With that in mind, the Phoenix Suns organization started prioritizing ways to use technology and innovation to elevate that experience to a whole new level. 

From parking lots to concessions and tickets to t-shirts, the Suns wanted to create a single, seamless ecosystem. One that uncovered new opportunities for the business while keeping fans focused on what matters most: the game. 

Download the case study and watch the video to learn more about this winning partnership! 

For use of this case study in any market outside of the US, please seek local legal approval AND merchant approval via AE.

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