PayPal's Store Cash delivers over 1,000% return on ad spend for Mattress Firm

May 13 2022 | PayPal Editor

Learn how PayPal’s Store Cash helped bridge the last digital mile for Mattress Firm, delivering over 1,000% return on ad spend as well as significant increases in incrementality and net revenue per user.  

When we spoke with Mattress Firm’s VP of Product Management, Sumo Das, he explained that their mission statement is to help every individual get a better night’s sleep to feel rested and revitalized. Sumo is passionate about Mattress Firm, and his background in e-commerce and expertise in payments give him in-depth knowledge of what is needed to excel in a competitive market.

“Having a trusted partner like PayPal, the industry leader in the space, to facilitate a very time sensitive and significant purchase for consumers, shows them that Mattress Firm has a best in class partner,” Sumo said.

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