Adaptive ML: The Future of E-Commerce Fraud Management

Aug 02 2022 | PayPal Editor

Online fraud is seemingly an increasing risk for businesses and organizations. Read our report for insights about how fraud prevention decision-makers are looking towards automated fraud management and machine-learning (ML) solutions.

PayPal recently commissioned a research study “Adaptive ML: The Future of E-Commerce Fraud Management," conducted by Forrester Consulting to understand the role of fraud management in today’s global firms. The findings revealed that as the world continues on its digital transformation journey, it is critical for organizations to have a strong enterprise fraud management (EFM) and security strategy. Most firms have invested in tools and third-party partners to bolster their fraud management program, but it may not be enough – 97% of global fraud prevention decision-makers at e-commerce companies experienced fraud in the past 24 months. In order to keep up, and transform with the world around them, fraud prevention decision-makers are looking toward automated fraud-management, and machine learning (ML) solutions.

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