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Mar 08 2021 | PayPal Editorial Staff

A software development company integrates Smart Payment Buttons & in-context PayPal Checkout to elevate the buyer experience. Webkul saw a 40% increase in incremental sales.

Planning for the next 100 years in order to create a lasting global impact 

Webkul was founded 10 years ago in the heart of India. It is a 100% self-bootstrapped company that has won almost as many awards as the software extensions it builds. WebKul won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award five times in a row from 2015-2019. Well known for creating world-class eCommerce marketplaces, omni-channel connectors, multi-channel connectors, point of sale apps and native mobile app builders. The name itself is derived from two words: Web and Gurukul. In ancient Indian epics, the word “Gurukul” means “temple of knowledge“ and “Web” signifies living on the edge of technology. However, there is a heart to Webkul that no one word can capture.
Webkul is not a single idea-based company. With its fast-paced growth and constant innovation, Webkul needed a partner that could keep pace with their rapid advancement and diversification. Ideally, they also wanted to work with a company that had a local presence and team of experts. Webkul’s business is as multifaceted as the many products they create, and they needed a solutions provider who understood those nuances. Although they had been utilizing PayPal since 2011, they had an older version of Magento, version 2.0, which restricted any product upgrades.
The PayPal team in India identified the opportunities and formulated a plan of action. They facilitated the development of a JavaScript Software Development Kit plugin that supported Webkul’s Magento version. They also worked with Webkul to integrate Smart Payment Buttons, along with an in-context PayPal Checkout product to help elevate the buyer experience. And on their marketplace, the PayPal Commerce Platform was implemented to enable multi-seller purchase and partner fee capabilities. The co-founder of Webkul, Vipin Sahu, said that he is “blown away by the support that he has received from the PayPal India team.”
As the partnership continued to expand and deepen, a Global Partner Agreement was executed. This opened the gateway for all of PayPal’s functionality as both a method of payment and as a processor. With the PayPal Commerce Platform integration, Webkul can support more customers with PayPal’s extended functionality. For the past decade, Webkul has experienced rapid global advancement. With their commitment to technology, diversity and innovation, they aim to continue this trajectory for the next 100 years.
Success Metrics
19% Increase in conversion, from 64% to 83%
40% Increase in incremental sales volume via the PayPal Commerce Platform
1st Partner to go live with Multiple Seller Payments on the PayPal Commerce Platform

Note: Results are based on internal PayPal data from 2019-2020. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business. Approved for use in USA and India.

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