Finding the business value in customer values

PayPal Editorial Staff

PayPal Editorial Staff

July 24, 2022

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By adding a human layer to numbers-based demographics, businesses can connect with customers on a more meaningful level and go on to redefine and deepen their relationship with them. PayPal conducted a survey with global users to better understand what they value and how those values impact their purchase decisions.

Online retail sales grew by 16.3% from 2021 to 2022 and represented 19% of total retail sales1. But the story goes so much deeper than that. Anticipating and evolving with customer expectations has never been more important to long-term success. To do that today, you need to know your customers like never before. PayPal conducted extensive research to understand the core values, decision drivers, and even shopping preferences of millions of users worldwide to do just that.

The research aimed to understand where PayPal customers stand on 56 core human values in five key markets and then compared those results to the general population. Understanding what shoppers value is key to identifying how their expectations of brands and shopping experiences have changed. These insights can help build customer strategies that help businesses acquire, convert, and retain a high-value audience, which spends 12% more on average and completes 34% more checkouts2.

Read on to discover our key findings and start seeing the bigger picture when it comes to what consumers value.

PP Value graphics Report (PDF)

PP Value graphics Report (PDF)

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