10 daily habits that can help boost your success.

Jul 23 2019 | By contributing author Carissa Reiniger, Founder & CEO of Silver Lining Ltd

Incorporating good habits into your daily life doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. We’ve gathered a list of both the common and not-so-common things you can do to help you become your best self.
You probably already have certain routines that you follow throughout your day to set yourself up for success. But there are other things that can help your overall performance that might not be so obvious. Work them into your daily routine and you might be surprised at how much of an impact they can have on your life and performance.

1. Start your day with both feet on the ground.
Simple enough, right? Wrong. Try not to start your day in a rush. Instead of reaching straight for your phone or thinking about the vast to-do list you want to get done, focus on being thoughtful about how you spend the first few moments of your day. Jumping straight out of bed and into action likely won't help you begin your morning in the right mindset – but starting off in a calm and organized way probably will. So, before you get out of bed every morning, take the first couple of minutes to ground yourself. Sit up, put your feet on the ground and set the tone and intentions of your day.

2. Pause and reflect.
Before you reach out for any type of device – and get bombarded by notifications, updates, tasks, news feeds, and noise – take the next 30 minutes of your day once you're out of bed to pause and reflect. If this sounds like too much time, try breaking it down into 10-minute chunks: 10 minutes for reading, 10 minutes for thinking, praying or meditating, 10 minutes for writing, a 10-minute workout, or a 10-minute ritual. Really it can be 10 minutes of anything – except, of course, for technology. While you are distraction-free, consider and confirm your expectations for the day. This can change everything.

3. Cue the habit you want to build.
Play a game with yourself and cue the habit you want to develop. For example, while you're brushing your teeth, use the time to think about your daily goals. Or every time you make a cup of coffee, tell your partner that you love them. If you have habits that you want to build, don't just rely on motivation or pure force – deliberately think about the way you can use a regular daily activity to cue that action. It's a great way to have fun while building a new habit that's important to you.

4. Get moving.
Most of us spend our days in meetings, at our desk, in transit, grabbing a quick bite, and maybe even binge-watching a few episodes of our favorite shows. So it's important – especially for those whose work involves a more sedentary lifestyle – to get up, move your feet, exercise, and get your blood flowing. For example, have a walking meeting on your phone, invest in a stand-up desk, take the stairs, or go outside for lunch. Whatever you do, try to move your body as much as you can! With so many quick training workouts available online, you don’t have to have a gym membership to get a little workout in.

5. Put something good in your body, every day.
It's pretty amazing to think about how the food you're putting in your body can impact your overall performance. If you're feeling like you don't have the energy to do what is needed and your brain has a hard time staying focused and on purpose, you might want to consider changing your diet (make sure you talk to your health specialist beforehand). It's incredible how our bodies yearn for good food – and unfortunately our minds generally don't function properly if we aren't fueling our bodies in the right way. So purposely and consciously put something good, healthy, whole, and nutritious in your body every single day to help give you the extra boost you need.

6. Send one nice message every day.
Take a moment and think of one person you are grateful for – someone who has done something nice for you recently, helped you out, or just someone you're happy to have in your life. Find one positive thing and then fire off a quick email or text to say that you appreciate that gesture or admire that person – or even love them! Whatever the reason, you'll be amazed at the impact that sending positive notes or messages of thankfulness daily can have on your life. It only takes 3–4 minutes every day!

7. Designate time for strategic decision-making.
A lot of us can feel like we have to get every single thing done, every single day, and always be in action mode. However, when you need to do significant creative work, deep strategic thinking, or even have a big decision to make, trying to get it done during a hectic day at work probably won't yield the best results. Instead, block off some calendar time dedicated to developing more complex ideas. In your daily routine, create a "parking lot" – a place to store all your lightbulb moments – and store them there temporarily. Don't worry about the big picture until your next big-thinking day comes along.

8. Talk to someone.
Create some time in your life to have real conversations with the people you care about. Make a phone call, see a friend, pop in for a coffee, sit down for supper – just make sure you talk to someone. We can get so busy doing so much stuff for so many people, that we don't even realize how long it's been since we've really connected with loved ones. It often feels more like we're all just giving each other a periodic update of our lives. So talk to someone and have a real connection with them. Don't talk about work, or getting something done, or something related to your schedule – have a real conversation, human to human.

9. Document moments of joy.
Now, this one sounds a little bit crazy, but having a way of documenting the small moments of joy in your life, as you go about your day, is a great way to stay positive. Most of us need a way to remind ourselves of the good we experience such as special time with loved ones, a proud business moment where you closed a huge deal, or a conversation that brought you joy. By sending these moments to a dedicated email address for this purpose only, you will start populating a library. You now have a way of accessing the beautiful story of your life without the pressure of keeping a diary or journaling. On darker days, browse through your email, and remind yourself of all the inspiration and moments of joy you see daily.

10. Have a bedtime – seriously.
Now, the importance of sleep is something most of us preach to our kids and probably even talk about with friends and colleagues, but if you're one of those people who comes alive at night – and sometimes stays up until one, two, or three o'clock in the morning when you'd rather be asleep – your bedtime routine may have something to do with it. One of the easiest ways to tell your body to stop and go to sleep is to use timing and rituals. Set a time (preferably at least an hour before bed) to walk away from all of your devices. Establish a calming routine and diligently follow it every day to help signal to your mind and body that sleep is on its way. With a good night's sleep, you're more likely to get up and start the next day in the right way. Having a bedtime and being disciplined about ending the day well is the very beginning of being able to have a great next day.

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Carissa Reiniger is the Founder & CEO of Silver Lining Ltd. She started Silver Lining in 2005 and created the Silver Lining Action Plan – SLAP! – a methodology that has helped over 10,000 small business owners in 9 countries set – and hit – their growth goals. She incorporated all of the principles of behavior change science into one comprehensive business growth program to help bring out the best out of you and lead your business towards profitability and success. As part of her mission to help more small business owners make money doing what they love because she genuinely believes that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time.
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