POS pricing

Know exactly what you’re paying for.

Affordable POS system prices that fit your business (and your budget). Only pay when you get paid. Focus on what you do best: sell.

POS hardware at a price that’s right

Card reader

Pair our flexible card reader to your mobile device and you’re ready to start selling.

for your first card reader.*
Additional card readers $79 each.


What do you get when you merge our point-of-sale app and card reader in one portable device? The Zettle Terminal.

for terminal only.
Terminal with built-in barcode scanner for $239.

Transaction fees

Our prices include a standard fee for each transaction. Get access to your money in minutes through your PayPal balance.¹ Fees are subject to change.

Card-present transactions

2.29 %
+ $0.09 per transaction

Manual card entry transactions

3.49 %
+ $0.09 per transaction

QR code transactions

2.29 %
+ $0.09 per transaction

Invoicing (PayPal payments)

3.49 %
+ $0.49 per transaction

Invoicing (cards and alternative payment methods)

2.99 %
+ $0.49 per transaction
For more details on pricing, visit the PayPal fees page.

One app to do it all

PayPal Zettle helps you sell smarter and sell more. No matter which hardware device you choose, you get the app for free. Download it on your smartphone or tablet to use with our card reader or get it built in—no extra device needed—with our terminal.

Make your POS system work for your business

Receipt printers, barcode scanners, and other accessories help keep your business running smoothly. Choose from our selection of store kits to create the POS system that best fits your business needs.

Got multiple locations? High-volume sales?

Ask about our custom POS pricing plans for businesses like yours.


We support businesses just like yours

Every business needs a reliable partner. From secure payment processing to helpful business insights, we’re here for you.

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