POS software

The power behind your point of sale.

Our point-of-sale software gives you the features you need to seamlessly accept payments and run your business.

Everything you need to run your business

Streamline checkout

Select products to sell, accept popular payment methods, and apply discounts.

Easily manage products

Add products, set prices, check stock levels, and manage everything all in one place.

Track business metrics

Identify bestselling products, manage staff schedules, and monitor sales activity.

It all comes down to an app

PayPal Zettle helps you sell smarter and sell more. No matter which hardware device you choose, you get our POS software for free. Download it on your smartphone or tablet to use with our card reader or get it built in—no extra device needed—with our terminal.

Put the back office in your front pocket

Manage product catalog and sales

Maximize your ability to manage your products in one place while minimizing the time it takes to get started, train staff, and complete a sale. Add categories, barcodes, photos, and more to your product catalog to help bolster both in-store and online sales.

Stay in control of your inventory

PayPal Zettle makes it easy for you to manage inventory. Set cost price, selling price, and more.

Get detailed sales reports

Customize the way you view and share reports, easily find and analyze the data that matters most, and more.

Simplify checkout. Manage inventory. Schedule staffing. Track products. Process refunds. This is everything you need from a POS.

One powerful POS software does it all

Streamlined checkout

Product catalog and inventory management

Business metrics tracking

Software, meet hardware

From cash registers to card readers, our POS hardware makes checkout a breeze. Discover the benefits of our POS system and find the perfect payment solution for your business.

Discover more about PayPal

We support businesses just like yours

Every business needs a reliable partner. From secure payment processing to helpful business insights, we’re here for you.

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