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Safe and easy solution for your international travel customers

PayPal is the ideal companion for businesses in the Travel and Hospitality industries, enabling customers to pay securely for tickets, hotel rooms or tours with just a few clicks.

Global Reach

With over millions worldwide users who prefer PayPal, you have the perfect opportunity to grow your business on a global scale. PayPal makes it simple to accept payments in 25 different currencies from 190 different countries.

Fraud Protection

Anyone who has been the victim of fraud knows just how much time and money it can cost. PayPal's world-class risk management models detect and predict most fraudulent transactions - before they affect your business.

Management And Reporting

Keeping track of your business is a breeze with PayPal's seamless cash management system. Take advantage of a wealth of benefits including reconciliation, reporting, conversion, chargeback handling, risk management, invoicing, and bunding.

Invoice Your Customers

PayPal's Online Invoicing is the perfect tool to use with your international customers. They can choose to pay you using any major credit card or an international debit card. Best of all, they don't need to have a PayPal account to pay you.


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