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  • Discounted rates for registered 501(c)(3)s (See pricing)


    We offer affordable pricing on our PayPal business accounts and our ultra-convenient PayPal Here credit-card reader.

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    About the PayPal Here Card Reader and App PayPal Here makes it easy to accept donations on the go with your mobile phone. It also:
    • Accepts cards, checks, and PayPal.
    • Offers live phone support
    • Lets you manage multiple users.
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    1 Discounted rates are available to 501(c)(3) charities. All other nonprofits pay our affordable standard rates. To qualify for discounted rates, sign up for a PayPal Business account, selecting Nonprofit Organization as the business type and Charity as the category. Later, you’ll be asked for documentation of your 501(c)(3) status. Some products might have additional monthly fees. See all pricing details.

    2Excluding keyed-in and scanned credit card transactions; US only

    31% cash back on eligible purchases when funds are withdrawn to a PayPal merchant debit card

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  • Easy setup, no programming skills required
  • Your donors don’t need a PayPal account
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Keep your costs down.

PayPal offers discounted transaction rates for 501(c)(3) for most products, and consistently low rates for all other nonprofits. There are no extra fees for setup, statements, withdrawals or cancellation. Those hidden fees can really add up.

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Accept credit cards and PayPal on your website.

Our most popular option for nonprofits is the PayPal Payments Standard donate button. Setting it up involves little more than copying and pasting a few lines of HTML onto your site.

Already accept credit cards online? Add Express Checkout for donors who prefer paying with PayPal. If you're looking for more options, compare all of our solutions here.

What do my donors see?

What do my donors see?

1. Your Site

A donor decides to contribute.


They enter their payment details.


They view their payment confirmation.

4. Your Site

And they return to your site.


You collect the donation.

1. A donor decides to contribute.

On your site, donors decide to support your cause and enter the amount they wish to donate.

2. They enter their payment details.

Your donors are taken to a secure payment page on PayPal's site. To pay with PayPal, they log in and pay in as few as three clicks. To pay by credit card, they fill out the easy payment form.

Before completing the payment, donors see a summary to review key information,

3. They view their payment confirmation.

Upon completion, your donors see a payment confirmation page that they can print for their records. They'll also receive a confirmation email. You'll get one too.

4. They now return to your site.

Donors can be sent back to your site immediately after payment. You can specify where they go in your Website Preferences on the Profile tab of your PayPal account. We'll send you their contact information for future appeals.

5. You collect the donation.

When your donor's payment goes into your PayPal account, transfer the money to your bank account (bank transfers usually take 2-3 days to clear) or spend it online anywhere PayPal is accepted.

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Collect donations anywhere.

PayPal Here is an easy way to accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal right on your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app, plug in the card reader, swipe a card and collect a donation on the spot. It's perfect for selling tickets, taking auction payments and collecting donations in person. U.S. swipe transactions are at a low fee of 2.7%.

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Add PayPal to your existing fundraising solution.

We've teamed up with the leading online fundraising providers to include PayPal in their offerings. If you already have a provider, ask them how to activate PayPal on your site.

If you're looking for a new option, check out some of our great fundraising partners.

Fundraising Partners

We’ve teamed up with the leading online fundraising partners that include PayPal in their offerings. See what they can do for your nonprofit.


Blackbaud is the leading provider of on-demand constituent engagement solutions for nonprofits.


Network for Good

Want to increase your average donation and raise more money? Learn more about DonateNow.


Stay Classy

StayClassy is a leading provider of fundraising management software for nonprofit organizations..



Reach more people--raise more money. Raise funds for your nonprofit using social media.


artez interactive

Get friendship-powered mobile, social, and online fundraising solutions from Artez.



With Salsa, nonprofits of all sizes can build, organize, and engage a base of support.



Harness the power of the world’s largest marketplace. Tap into new donors and raise unrestricted funds.



Eventbrite provides nonprofits with affordable, easy-to-use online tools that help you manage your fundraiser every step of the way.



Save time, promote and manage events online, large and small, all in one place.


Access your funds quickly.

When your donor gives through PayPal, the money usually shows up in your PayPal account within minutes. From there, transfer it to your organization's bank account at no charge.

Be in good company.

Over 450,000 nonprofits received more than $7 billion through PayPal last year. Donors love the convenience and security of PayPal, while nonprofits can boost donations and lower costs.

Track every dollar and donor.

Monthly statements, downloadable logs and instant transaction searches are all part of your PayPal account. You can also offer controlled access to your employees for tasks like mailing donors.

Protect your organization.

If there's one thing people know about PayPal, it's how seriously we take security. Automatic fraud screening helps keep you and your donors safer. And since PayPal is PCI compliant, your task of meeting these standards is a good deal simpler.

Need a different solution?

You don't have to be a nonprofit to fundraise with PayPal. See all fundraising solutions

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