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Connect now. Order and pay for lunch hands-free, open a tab, get special offers — all without lifting a finger.

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Introducing PayPal Beacon.

Connecting businesses with customers, and developers with the future.


Plug it into a wall socket or a laptop, and PayPal Beacon sends out a Bluetooth low energy signal to anyone with the PayPal app.


Instantly tap a global payment network with over million consumers, in 203 markets, and over 25 currencies.


You and your customers can transact with confidence, with the world’s most trusted payment provider.

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Don’t lift a finger. PayPal Beacon lets you pay hands-free.

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Nobody makes buying and selling safer than PayPal. So of course PayPal Beacon delivers the same security.

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  1. What is PayPal Beacon?

    PayPal Beacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy device to connect to a customer’s PayPal app when they enter a store. With one vibration or sound on your phone, you’ll know you’re checked in. And when you’re ready to make a purchase, all you have to do is say you’re paying with PayPal and the transaction is automatically completed: no cash, cards, taps, or signatures required—all hands free.

    PayPal Beacon will connect consumers to enhanced shopping experiences such as automatically ordering your favorite dish at your usual lunch spot, or getting personalized service at your favorite clothing store. In addition, you can choose to accept messages from stores that you walk into, so that you can take advantage of special offers in the produce aisle.

  2. How can merchants take advantage of this technology?

    Merchants are focused on providing easier ways for their customers to make purchases either online or in-store. As more and more consumers embrace mobile technologies to do their shopping, PayPal Beacon will allow you to connect to your customers as they enter your store. By working with our open APIs, you’ll be able to craft an experience that makes the shopping experience easier and more delightful for your customers.

  3. What is the value for consumers?

    PayPal Beacon eliminates one of the last remaining points of friction for consumers. With Beacon, you are notified with a vibration or sound that there is an enhanced shopping experience as soon as you walk in to a store. You can get notified immediately when your prescription is ready, order your usual lunch at your favorite restaurant, or simply walk to the counter with your purchases and say you’re paying with PayPal—all done hands-free. The merchant does the rest and you receive your receipt electronically.

  4. What does this mean for developers?

    We will open up our mobile in-store payments API for developers and give the developers that submit the best ideas access to the API and a free developer version of the PayPal Beacon device. Developers will be able to create incredible shopping experiences for consumers that show up when they enter a store. Whether it’s an interactive map to see where sales items are located or a self checkout experience at the grocery store, we’re eager to see the developer community’s imaginations run wild when it comes to PayPal Beacon.

  5. Why is PayPal Beacon better than other solutions (Estimote, Roximity Beacons, Adomaly, NFC, geolocation, etc.)?
    PayPal Beacon is better than... Because...
    Geofencing Drains battery life, less accurate, requires pre-selecting a limited number of locations, relies on Wi-Fi or cellular network
    iBeacon iOS only, privacy concerns (one way communication means the server tracks you)
    General Phone can communicate to the cloud/PayPal without a signal (great for thick concrete walls, Victorian buildings)
    NFC Requires you to pull out phone to pay (slower to tap a phone), requires NFC-enabled phone
    Regular Bluetooth Drains battery
    Credit Card Requires you to take out credit card to pay (slower to swipe card)
  6. Why is PayPal Beacon better than swiping a card?

    Swiping a credit card is easy. But, we’ve made it even easier to pay — you don’t have to do anything at all, everything is totally hands-free. With a vibration or a sound, you’ll know you’ve been checked in to pay. No pulling out a wallet or even opening up a mobile app.

  7. Doesn’t Bluetooth deplete your battery life too quickly?

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a new technology that draws minimal power from Android and iOS smartphones, making it an excellent solution for connecting PayPal app users with their favorite merchants. It is available on all Bluetooth Smart Energy phones, including Android phones and Apple iPhones (4S or later).

  8. Does PayPal Beacon replace a merchant’s point of sale systems?

    PayPal Beacon is complimentary to a retailer’s point of sale system. Merchants can still use their existing POS to track inventory, accounting, etc. PayPal Beacon simply makes the payment experience more seamless, and allows an “always on” connection between the merchant and the consumer.

  9. Will PayPal Beacon be integrated into existing POS systems?

    PayPal Beacon’s capabilities will work with our existing POS partners such as Erply, Leaf, Leapset, Micros, NCR, Revel, ShopKeep and Vend.

    Over time, we may work with POS providers to integrate Beacon technology into the POS system itself.

  10. Is Beacon compatible with any other apps outside of PayPal?

    PayPal Beacon will only be compatible with the PayPal app. It will not work with third-party apps initially.

  11. Does customer information remain private/secure if they connect to a PayPal Beacon?

    With PayPal Beacon, we aren’t constantly tracking your location unlike other technologies. If you enter a store and decline to check in, or just ignore the prompt entirely, no information is transmitted to PayPal. Since it’s PayPal, your financial information remains secure.

  12. Do consumers have control over which locations they are checked into with a PayPal Beacon?

    The consumer is always in control. You will have the option to “always allow” auto check-in at any merchant you choose.

  13. Have any merchants signed on to use PayPal Beacon?

    Not yet, but we’re in discussions with several merchants. They’re very excited about the possibilities with PayPal Beacon.

  14. How do developers get access to PayPal Beacon?

    Thank you, and due to overwhelming response, developer access for PayPal Beacon is now closed. If you would like to be kept informed on Beacon please visit the Stay Informed section.

  15. Where do existing large merchants go for more information?

    Large merchants should reach out to their Relationship/Account Manager if your developers have a great idea for creating an innovative in-store experience with PayPal Beacon.

  16. When will PayPal Beacon be generally available?

    We expect to have PayPal Beacon devices generally available for merchants to purchase by early next year. At that time, PayPal Beacon will be compatible with PayPal Here, our mobile card reader and application, as well as PayPal’s consumer app. You can go to for more information.

  17. Why is PayPal announcing PayPal Beacon now — it seems premature?

    Developers can have lead times of several months to create products. Today, we’re opening up our mobile in-store payments API for the first time to our developer community and are working with them on creating new and exciting in store experiences.

  18. What PayPal products do consumers need to use PayPal Beacon?

    They will need to have a PayPal consumer app that will enable this feature in the Shop tab. Users, who have already downloaded the app, will have the update pushed to them through one of PayPal’s normal updates. We expect the update for PayPal Beacon to occur when devices become generally available early next year.

  19. Where will PayPal Beacon be available?

    PayPal Beacon will be available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan.

  20. How much will PayPal Beacon cost?

    Details coming soon.

  21. What happened to my idea submission?

    Due to overwhelming response, access to PayPal Beacon is now closed. If your idea was not initially chosen for the alpha pilot program, please don’t despair — we will be opening up access more broadly in 2014. Please note that PayPal considers all submissions to be non-confidential information.