Venmo and my PayPal account

Account Activities

Where do the funds from a Venmo transaction go? Will I see them in my PayPal account? 
Your Venmo payments are handled in the same way as other PayPal transactions, and will be placed in your PayPal account. They are also subject to the same rules as other PayPal transactions, including the rules on holds. Please note that at launch, Venmo-funded payments will not be specially designated in your account activity or reporting - they will look like regular PayPal transactions. We may add a special designation to your transaction activity or reporting in the future.  
How do I track Venmo disputes and chargebacks? 
You can track all of your disputes, including Venmo disputes, through the PayPal Resolution Center. The chargeback and dispute process for Venmo payments is generally the same as the process for PayPal payments, except for that the Venmo Authorized Merchant Payment Protection policy applies, rather than the PayPal Purchase Protection Policy.
How can I process a return from a Venmo payment? 
Returns for Venmo payments can be handled the same way they are for PayPal payments. 
Can I disable Venmo? 
PayPal is continually launching new products and services to enable more ways to pay. It is not currently possible to opt out of accepting Venmo through your PayPal integration as we continue to deliver expanded value for our customers and merchants. 

Can Venmo be tested on Sandbox?
No. Venmo doesn't currently have a Sandbox environment.
Can I change the design of the Venmo or PayPal button?
The design of the Venmo button and PayPal button will not be editable. 
Why can’t I have a separate Venmo button? 
PayPal currently offers the ability to have a separate Venmo button by integrating the Braintree SDK. To learn more about the Braintree SDK, please click here
How will my customers access Venmo if I don’t have a separate button? 
Once your customer has enabled the ability to pay with Venmo in their Venmo app, they will be able to complete their purchase using Venmo after selecting the PayPal Checkout button on your mobile.  

Will buyers see the Venmo-PayPal button when they try to access my website from their desktop or laptop computers?
No. The Venmo dual button is visible only on eligible mobile browser websites for all eligible Smart Payment Button merchants.

Can buyers pay with Venmo on a mobile device via a non-Smart Payment Button?
Yes. Upon redirect to PayPal, opted-in users will be presented with PayPal and Venmo options.
How do I sign up to accept payments through Venmo? 
If you already accept PayPal payments on your website, you do not need to do anything to accept Venmo payments. PayPal will utilize your existing PayPal integration to automatically deliver Venmo as a payment option to your customers. 

Is Venmo available through Smart Payment Buttons on Canadian merchants' websites?
Currently, Venmo payments are available in the US only.

Can Venmo be vaulted and used for Subscriptions and Billing Agreements?
Venmo can support Subscriptions and Billing Agreements with select merchants.
I have already integrated Venmo through the Braintree SDK. Will I also get Venmo through my PayPal integration? 
No. Venmo as a payment method will not be available through your PayPal integration if you have integrated Venmo through the Braintree SDK.

For more information on Venmo, please visit the Venmo Help Center.