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What is PayPal Rewards and how does it work?

What is PayPal Rewards?
PayPal Rewards is PayPal’s new unified rewards program where users can earn, track, and redeem points. You can earn PayPal Reward points when you purchase eligible items from offers on the PayPal app, PayPal.com, the PayPal Honey browser extension, or by completing certain activities from PayPal. Points can be redeemed towards shopping purchases you make with PayPal at checkout, where available. You can also choose to redeem for cash back or a shopping credit to use on a future PayPal purchase.

Do I need to sign up for PayPal Rewards? Is there a fee?
If you have a PayPal account, you’re ready to start earning PayPal Rewards right away. There's no additional sign up or enrollment needed, and there’s no cost to join.

What are PayPal Rewards points and how do I earn them?
PayPal Rewards are points you earn when you purchase eligible items from offers on the PayPal app, PayPal.com, and the PayPal Honey browser extension. Points are earned on the subtotal amounts of eligible items you purchase and exclude other amounts like taxes and shipping fees. Keep in mind that exclusions may apply so be sure to read any exclusions carefully.

Shopping isn’t the only way to earn points. You can also earn points by completing other activities using PayPal. Go to the PayPal app to view available ways to earn.

How can I redeem PayPal Rewards points?
There are several ways to redeem your Rewards points. Points can be applied towards shopping purchases made using PayPal, where available. You can also choose to redeem for cash back or a shopping credit (to use on a future PayPal purchase) in the PayPal app or online.

Where can I see my earned and pending PayPal Rewards points?
You can keep track of your points balance, see your past PayPal Rewards activity, and redeem your points in the PayPal app or online.

How long does it take for my points to show up in my PayPal Rewards balance?
Points will appear as pending in your account overview within 1-14 days of completing your qualifying purchase or incentivized activity. Points will remain pending for up to 90 days and cannot be used or redeemed during this time. Travel-related points (such as points earned from eligible hotel reservations, airfare, or rental cars) may take longer. Once points are ready to redeem, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You will also be able to see in your Rewards dashboard when points are no longer pending and are available to redeem.

How much are PayPal Rewards points worth?
Points cannot be purchased, are not your property, are not money, can expire, and have no value prior to redemption. While points may be redeemed for cash back, other redemption options are available. You are not required to redeem your points for cash back.

When redeeming, reward points typically equate to $0.01 per point,. For example, 100 points typically can be redeemed for $1 of cash back. We may offer different rewards conversion rates. Check the conversion rate at the time you redeem your points.

Do PayPal Rewards points expire? 
PayPal Rewards don’t expire as long as your PayPal account stays active. A PayPal account is considered active if you interact with it (log in or otherwise transact using it) at least once within a consecutive 12-month period.

Will I earn PayPal Reward points if I return a purchase?
You will not earn points for any item that you return or receive a full refund on. If you return all or part of your purchase or receive a refund on it, the number of points you receive on your purchase will be reduced based on the new subtotal of eligible items, regardless of pending status.

What happened to my PayPal Gold points?
PayPal Gold is now PayPal Rewards. If you had a PayPal Gold points balance, your points have been automatically converted to PayPal Rewards. You can check and manage your points balance in the PayPal app or online.

Can I earn PayPal Rewards and my credit card rewards together?
Yes, purchases you make using a points-eligible credit card with PayPal are eligible to earn credit card points, in accordance with the terms of your card issuer’s points program. You can also earn PayPal Rewards points for the same transaction if purchasing an eligible item from offers on the PayPal app, PayPal.com, or the PayPal Honey browser extension.

Can I use PayPal Rewards and my credit card rewards together at checkout?
At this time, you are not able to use both PayPal Rewards points and your credit card points in the same PayPal transaction.

Can I earn PayPal Rewards on my PayPal Cash back Mastercard or PayPal Debit Card purchases?
Not yet, but be sure to check back soon.

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