How do I report a billing issue?

If you identify a billing issue with a transaction on your account, we encourage you to report it in our Resolution Center as soon as possible.  
Some examples of billing issues include:

  • You returned an item to a seller or cancelled a transaction with a seller, but haven’t received your refund.
  • You received multiple charges from the same seller but completed only one purchase.
  • The charge on your PayPal account is not the same as you agreed to or have on a receipt.
  • You paid for the purchase using your credit card or bank account, but also have a charge on your PayPal account.
  • You had a recurring billing agreement with a seller that you have cancelled, but were still billed after the cancellation.
You can dispute the purchase in the Resolution Center. By opening a dispute, you're notifying the seller that you're not satisfied with the purchase and want to resolve the issue.

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