How do I confirm my email address?

You’ll need to confirm your email address before you can send or receive money.

Here's how to confirm your email address.

  1. Go to profileicon Settings.
  2. Click Update next to the email address you want to confirm.
  3. Click Confirm this email and we'll send you an email.
  4. In the email we send you, click the Confirm your email button. At that time, you’ll be directed to the PayPal login page to enter your password and finalize the email confirmation process.

Once your email address is confirmed, you can accept payments and the money you receive will show in your PayPal balance. However, you’ll still need to link a bank account or card to your PayPal account before you can send payments. When you send a payment that is greater than your PayPal balance, the difference will come from the bank account or card you link.