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What is PayPal MultiOrder Shipping?

The PayPal MultiOrder Shipping tool allows sellers to print up to 50 labels together. For sellers shipping a larger volume of items every day, PayPal MultiOrder Shipping is faster and convenient option. Currently, PayPal MultiOrder Shipping is supported for all US Domestic Labels. Merchants can purchase USPS labels through the PayPal MultiOrder Shipping tool.

PayPal MultiOrder Shipping helps you:

* Save time.
  • Manage all your PayPal shipments in one place.
  • Print multiple USPS domestic shipping labels.
  • Automate the printing of similar shipments.
  • Print a single SCAN form linked to multiple packages.
* Save money.
  • Pay only for the shipping labels you print – no hidden surcharges or usage fees.
* Manage shipments easily.
  • Import CSV (Comma Separated Values) or TSV (Tab Separated Values) files or automatically import paid orders from PayPal complete with shipping information.

To use PayPal MultiOrder Shipping, log in to your PayPal Business account and go to All Tools from the “Tools” menu. Then click the Multi-order shipping icon. A "Getting Started" window will pop up explaining the uses of MultiOrder shipping. You can close that out whenever you're finished.

On the "MultiOrder shipping" home page, click File in the top-left corner. At this point, either choose to "Import" your orders from your PayPal transaction history, or select "Create New Orders," which will allow you to manually create a shipping label by entering your customers' shipping information. Once everything is either imported or entered manually into the system, click Print to get your shipping labels.

  • PayPal MultiOrder Shipping currently supports only USPS domestic shipments.
  • You can import 100 orders at a time and print 50 orders at a time.
  • If you've disabled pop-up windows on your browser, or have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer, the label page won't open. You must turn off the pop-up blocker before using our Print Label feature.Any sales transaction older than 14 days will cause an error to occur and will not process through the multi-order shipping tool.
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