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How do I create a shipping label to return a purchase to the seller?

If your seller has turned on the return label feature, you'll be able to print and pay for a domestic or international return shipping label from your PayPal account.

The returned item must be in the same condition as when you received it and you’re responsible for any costs associated with the return. If you’re shipping internationally, please mark “Returned Cargo” on the outside of the package to avoid tax charges.

We suggest you retain a copy of the shipping label to verify the address of the recipient. If needed, we may ask you to provide this document later.

Here’s how to create and print a return shipping label:

  1. Go to Activity and select All Transactions.
  2. Click the payment for the item you want to return.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the “Transaction Details” page and click Return Shipping Label.
  4. Complete the form and click Continue.
  5. Make sure the information is correct and click Pay and Continue. Your PayPal account is charged for the label.
  6. Click Print in the return label pop-up window.

We'll send you and the seller an email with tracking information to confirm that you're returning the item.


  • Before you create your return shipping label, ask the seller about the return and refund policies.
  • If you choose a different shipping company than the seller used, re-enter your address and shipment information. You can create one return label per transaction.
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