Send money internationally with PayPal.

Send money in seconds with PayPal and reload phones instantly or pay an international bill with Xoom, a PayPal Service.

Send Money Internationally

*PayPal account required to send and receive money. A Xoom account required to reload phones or pay international bills. Fees and limitations may apply.

Why you should send money internationally with PayPal.


International money transfers happen in a secure place.


Send money internationally in the way you want to - without the headaches.


Quick and efficient: International money transfers with PayPal can happen quicker than you think.

Fast access with a PayPal account.

Send money internationally to an existing PayPal account. The funds go quickly into the recipient's account and can be withdrawn or spent quickly by the recipient.

Deposit to a bank account.

Send money to almost any bank with Xoom, a PayPal service. Recipients don't need a PayPal account.

Send cash for pickup or home delivery.

Send cash for pickup at thousands of partner locations around the world with Xoom, a PayPal service. And in select countries, you can send money directly to your recipient's door.

Pay bills or reload mobile phones.

Pay your family's bills for them with ease or surprise a loved one with airtime, anytime. Giving is easy with Xoom, a PayPal service.

Straight forward fees for sending money internationally.

Search for sending options by country.

Even more ways to pay and get paid.

Send Money Online

Securely send money online to anyone with a PayPal account around the world.1

Request Money

Request money from friends, family and even customers using PayPal – a brand you know and trust.1

Collect Money

With PayPal Money Pools, it's easier than ever to create a page for people to chip in on gifts, special events and more.1

Download the App.

The improved PayPal mobile app is the secure way to send, receive, and access your money from almost anywhere.

Ready to send money internationally?

Sign up to send money internationally to family and friends across the globe quickly, securely and at little cost.

Send Money Internationally

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