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PayPal error messages when trying to transfer money

You may see an error message on PayPal when trying to transfer money. Here are the most common error messages and what they could mean:

You’re transferring more than your weekly limit allows. Try a smaller amount.

To see your minimum/maximum transfer limits and rates, visit our PayPal Fees page.

We’re not able to complete this transaction at the moment.

We can’t complete this transaction right now.

There may be a limitation on your PayPal account that prevents the transfer. Remove the limitation to restore your full account functionality.

Your debit card or bank account may not be eligible to process the instant transfer. Select a different bank or card that supports instant transfer from PayPal.

The information you entered when linking your bank account doesn’t match what your bank has on file. Double-check your bank information. If the existing information is incorrect, please remove your bank account and link it again.

If the transfer still doesn't go through after you've taken the troubleshooting steps above, you can try these alternative options below to transfer your money:

If you were able to request a transfer but it’s showing up as “Pending”, normally it just needs some additional time to go through our internal review.

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