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    How to get a small business loan.

    Sep 16 2019
    As a small business owner, you most likely encounter situations where it’s helpful to have additional cash on hand to manage the ups and downs of your business. However, to get the funding your business needs, you’ll need to understand how to get a business loan. This guide walks you through the five phases of how to apply for a small business loan so you know what to expect.


    Your user-friendly technical SEO checklist to improve rankings.

    Sep 03 2019
    We see this graph all too often with small business websites. The downward drop below shows website traffic from organic search. A drop like this can occur when a new website is launched, or when something unintentionally goes awry. In essence, this graph means a website has achieved “online invisibility."


    Prepare for the holidays part III: Planning your marketing.

    Aug 28 2019
    Competition is fierce and marketing is hard. Smart business owners plan their marketing moves well ahead of the holidays because the right moves can make the difference between success and failure. So what are those moves?


    Consumer financing: The ultimate companion for your online travel business.

    Aug 05 2019
    Although travel can be expensive, people today are making it a priority and managing their budgets accordingly. In response, many travel businesses are offering consumer financing, allowing travelers to pay for purchases over time. Just like a solid packing list ensures you're ready for whatever adventures come your way while on vacation, following the checklist below helps ensure your travel business is prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to boost online sales and build customer loyalty.


    How to effortlessly drive more holiday donations in 2019.

    Jul 16 2019
    The busiest giving season of the year is around the corner. As you prepare for a record-breaking season, keep in mind you don't need a complicated strategy to reach more donors and drive more donations. Here are five easy ways to drive up donations this season, and the tools to back you up.


    Minority business loans: What are they and do you qualify?

    Jul 10 2019
    Like many small business owners, a challenge minority business owners face is access to capital, or the ability to borrow money for business growth and expansion. Small business loans for minorities exist, but there are additional requirements for getting approval.


    How you can increase donations on your nonprofit website.

    Jul 03 2019
    Today's nonprofit leaders are finding innovative ways – from social media fundraisers to digital ads and search-engine marketing – to attract donors. But the key to all those things can often get overlooked: your website.


    How consumer financing helps sales flourish for online fashion retailers.

    Jun 28 2019
    Help your shoppers complete the look they want, when they want it, by giving customers more ways to pay for purchases. Fashion retailers, in particular, are helping drive higher average order values and more repeat customers when they offer consumer financing on their site. 


    From side-hustlers to CEO's, successful businesses do this.

    Jun 06 2019
    I’ve been providing consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses for more than 20 years and have met thousands of successful CEOs and business owners.