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Aug 30 2022 | PayPal Editor

Your work as a nonprofit is incredibly important to the individuals and communities who rely on your organization. It is understandable your team is busy because they are passionate about striving to achieve your mission. It might be hard to find time to review your approach to fundraising, but it may be even harder to achieve your goals if your organization is missing out on fundraising opportunities.

In 2021, $19+ billion was donated globally through the PayPal Giving Platform1. PayPal customers can extend their generosity in more ways than ever through easier and more innovative ways to give.

In this article we explore fundraising options and ideas to help bring in more donations during the holiday giving season and everyday throughout the year.

1. Campaign fundraising pages without the monthly fees.

Create a PayPal campaign fundraising page to raise funds on your website for an event, special project, or set a milestone to achieve over time. Receive funds directly into your PayPal account and only incur fees when you receive a donation. You can edit the banner image and text, add video, use comment functionality to engage donors and more.
PayPal tip:
Customize your campaign page with specific information about the impact so donors can understand what their support will help to achieve.

2. Boost your presence online with PayPal Giving Fund.

PayPal Giving Fund manages a directory of unenrolled and enrolled charities discoverable through its partner programs. Eligible charities can enroll for free with PayPal Giving Fund to receive donated funds fast, gain reporting insights, enable profile updates and benefit from fundraising at scale with access to partner features like PayPal Give at Checkout.
PayPal tip:
Utilize the Give at Checkout toolkit to encourage supporters to set your organization as their favorite charity displayed when Give at Checkout appears. Make it easy for supporters to identify your charity online by maintaining a consistent profile, logo and bio about your mission or current fundraising efforts. This tip applies even if you are enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund – log in to view your charity dashboard and check if your profile is up to date.

3. Benefit from Give at Checkout donations.

When making a purchase online, PayPal consumers have the option to support a cause they care about with a $1 donation when Give at Checkout appears. 100% of PayPal Give at Checkout donations go to charity, there are no deductions or fees.
PayPal tip
: Utilize the Give at Checkout toolkit to encourage supporters to set your organization as their favorite charity displayed when Give at Checkout appears. Only charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund can benefit from Give at Checkout donations.

4. Enable PayPal donations on your website.

Give your supporters the option to make secure one-off or recurring donations with PayPal. Do not worry if you don’t have technical support. Log in to your PayPal account to access the line of code you need to copy and paste to add the PayPal donate button to your website.
PayPal tip:
Mobile purchases are common, and donations are no exception. Make sure the PayPal Donate button on your website is easy to find for users on a mobile device.

5. Fundraise in more activities with QR codes and mobile sharing.

Your website is not the only place to catch a potential donor’s attention. When you create a PayPal Donate button, it comes with a QR code and Donate link making it easy to share in various channels online and even in the real world.
PayPal tip:
Use your QR code or Donate link for livestreams, email campaigns, social media, partner websites, events and printed fundraising materials.

6. Make the most of seasonal moments like Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement and a prime opportunity to create holiday giving campaigns to support your cause. In 2021, an estimated 35 million adults participated in Giving Tuesday in the U.S, totaling $2.7 billion raised on Nov 302. $188 million was donated through the PayPal Giving Platform on Giving Tuesday in 20213.
PayPal tip: It is never too early to start planning your fundraising campaigns for the holiday giving season.

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